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     Monday, June 29, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 15:27 Pretty much settled in new house (apart from the pile of boxes to ignore). Now we just need internet.. #
    • 19:22 Aargh. The rice is on and THIS is when i realise i haven't yet found the chopping board. #
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     Friday, June 26, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 00:18 Holy shit. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in the same day?? #
    • 00:27 And @thornae says "Michael Jackson died and took the internet with him" #
    • 00:30 From here, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and anything relating to Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson (except Wikipedia) seem to be dead. #
    • 00:35 So, today sees a world of people tweeting using third party apps, txt and tweetlater, then reading using Friendfeed and thirdparty apps. #
    • 09:43 Trying to prepare for being mostly offline - Difficult when you live in the cloud! #
    • 11:24 RT @Kirk_Angel @SABurgess Exposure to sunshine, moonlight and good times ruled out: now coroners say cause of death was boogie. #
    • 12:33 @tylermassey Ah Thanks. @serafinowicz Thanks for the giggle :) #
    • 12:37 @thornae Ah yes. Screaming at each other virtually while in real life they offer each other cups of tea. Oh to have been a fly on the wall. #
    • 13:26 RT @thornae #FF Space: @ApolloPlus40 (tweeting moon mission +40 yrs) @LCROSS_NASA @Astro_Mike @Astro_127 @astronomynews @NASA for lots more. #
    • 13:27 RT @thornae #FF Science: @sciam, @bletchleypark, @newscientist, @BadAstronomer, @DoctorKarl, @wiredscience, @nasahqphoto #
    • 13:28 RT @thornae #FF Artists: @JSCarroll @karlkerschl @calaverakid @rikkisimons @ememess @kronosquartet @DaveMcKean @pablod @GreatDismal @JhonenV #
    • 13:29 And, just in case you hadn't noticed, @thornae is awesome. #ff #
    • 14:48 Enlightened by: "Why are There 60 Minutes in an Hour? | Scienceray" ( ) #
    • 16:04 @jasonbstanding One could made a few rude jokes.. (But, that is kind of sweet so I won't.) #
    • 16:06 Thanks for RTs @pxlgirl @dameisen @tastelikecrazy #
    • 16:14 RT @adaptiveblue Get Glue: Explore Quilt (via @tweetmeme) #
    • 17:00 @opheliatudeaux Where are you going in August? Somewhere sunny? #
    • 17:11 @opheliatudeaux Huge trip! (But you're LEAVING the EU summer - mad) #
    • 17:29 @CaliLewis There's no help. You just have to cry and sweat it out for the next few hours. #
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     Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:41 @triplej Suggested song from the Triple J equivalent in France: ALISTER - Fille à problème (Live version isn't as cool) #
    • 09:15 @holsz The link to the recipe was just before the pic :) And yes, very tasty and way too easy. #
    • 09:37 Ahh. Here's the rain. Just beautiful. #
    • 13:58 @opheliatudeaux Mean mean mean. I almost have No 10. *headdesk* #
    • 14:01 RT @opheliatudeaux Obsessed with: Gave it to maths club kids today. We got up to puzzle 10. <-- Avoid if busy. ;) #
    • 14:03 RT @mistygirlph How to follow the Iran election with Alltop #
    • 16:30 RT @thornae Thats it. Were officially doomed. Some idiots gone and made robots that EAT FLESH FOR POWER! #
    • 16:39 @thornae It's Power Twitter being wonky. *sigh* Every now and then they do an update where RTs screw up dismally. #
    • 16:41 @thornae And I was laughing so hard I forgot to edit. Plus, it's you. It never occurred to me that it would need editing. So, I didn't look. #
    • 16:46 @thornae Of course. While one is distracting you by mangling grammar another is ready to eat your flesh. LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU! #
    • 16:52 RT @Minervity What Type of Creative Geek Are you? - The 56 Geek Types - #
    • 17:38 Thanks for RTs @fredharrison & @bruce_p_smith :) #
    • 17:47 Wish I could go to Traveling Geeks -- #
    • 17:48 But I'll be in London very soon after for this: #
    • 17:54 @binka_boo I'll have to agree it doesn't count since I'll be doing the same thing next week. :) #
    • 18:59 @chris_stevenson Yes, it's always nice to settle in wile the forward is busy complimenting the book. #
    • 20:44 @opheliatudeaux Yup. Of course. :) #
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     Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:02 RT @thornae Wow - I had no idea. Dolphin safe tuna is actually ecologically disastrous: #
    • 08:06 Thanks for RTs @brainyvermin @d_prince @alexej_freund @andymeeks @delicatesa @jdcb42 @alanakarran #
    • 08:07 @garthk As @jasonbstanding said, I think some of the pages were out of order in some books. We all had piles of $2 remainders. Score! :) #
    • 08:10 @garthk And (re your book) no-one in the house had seen you for yonks. No-one had any idea how it got there - possibly a guest? #
    • 08:53 Girl who doesn't age <-- Very interesting! #
    • 13:02 Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? And better still, can you change direction? #
    • 13:51 @matt_adel I had clockwise too and couldn't make her turn. But then when I was reading the text she turned & I couldn't make her turn back! #
    • 13:52 @matt_adel In the end I realised I could make her change direction whenever I liked by reading the text and looking back. :) #
    • 18:20 Thanks for RTs @darrenporter @gomisan @chompychomp :) #
    • 20:14 I just had this for dinner and it was GREAT. #
    • 21:02 @opheliatudeaux You've taken over my evening. :D #
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     Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 10:06 DO NOT USE TWITTER #
    • 13:44 At the last minute I decided not to go to Toulouse for the night. Now I feel old and boring. :( #
    • 14:22 Wow. Thx for RT @jason_pollock @sbleby @kbarw @zendoc @patwoe @hanneneilsen @evilgordan @miketually @m4rkym4rk @threefromleith @cheekysoul #
    • 15:18 @PostGay What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? :) #
    • 15:23 Thanks for RTs @ashalynd @der_cisco @evepicard @indigo777 @fustbariclation :) #
    • 17:09 @thornae MMS! That is awesome! Thanks @garthk and @jeamland :) #
    • 17:12 @garthk Did I ever tell you a flatmate of mine once found one of your copies of 'Only Forward' in our kitchen with no hint how it got there? #
    • 18:02 I've taken to searching Google images for main ingredients I want to work with, then making the recipe with the best pic. It's tasty fun :) #
    • 19:48 @jasonbstanding That's brilliant. Pure gold. :) #
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     Monday, June 22, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:20 Yesterday I moved about 130 of our evil-heavy boxes. Today I am made of pain. #
    • 09:53 RT @JayOatway The Evolution of Online Journalism (this isn't pretty) #
    • 10:59 @Iconic88 So, after letting users send auto-DMs for ages, to the point where no-one reads their DMs - it's now going to become a spam inbox. #
    • 12:54 Dammit - XKCD put 'my marvellous toy' in my head and has forever warped that song for me. #
    • 14:46 Admin headache is over. I think I've passed the final test: getting all the forms sorted out for graduation. #
    • 15:22 @kissability Thanks! #
    • 15:24 Tonight we get to play with @binka_boo - Woo for Aussie visitors! #
    • 20:43 RT @dpbkmb RT @Marquietta Iran admits 50 cities had more votes than voters #tcot #iranelection #
    • 20:55 RT @funnyoneliners Why be difficult when, with a bit of effort, you can be impossible? #
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     Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 05:39 RT @NewtonMark @pyrmontvillage @DDsD @andrewlitvak: Why we hate the RIAA: is one song worth three human lives? #
    • 05:46 Surprised by: "Cancer: shock breakthrough - The Independent" ( ) #
    • 07:10 @vampSaam Say hi to everyone for me - I miss singing with you guys :( #
    • 08:27 Very wrong to attack protesters, but to shoot someone who's standing by watching the protesting is obscene. Horrified. #neda #iranelection #
    • 08:31 @emotionalpedant Quite. I'm very keen to hear of results of future trials. This could be world-altering news. #
    • 10:26 RT @SharonHayes IN the FUTURE: Dating (Haha!) via @the_gman & @joshuadenney #
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     Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 07:38 I had to see the cuteness too after @thornae was up all night watching puppies. #puppy_cam_ny (puppy_cam_ny live > #
    • 09:44 RT @JayOatway Girl hit by lightning claims, My iPod saved my life -- (friends are now calling her Sparky) #
    • 11:10 Desperately wanting: It got smaller!! --> New iPhone "totally 100 percent perfect" ( ) #
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     Friday, June 19, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 07:46 @opheliatudeaux I was going to try to drag @jasonbstanding and Michelle too :) #
    • 08:00 PETA mad at Obama because he killed a fly on TV - NuttyNewswire #news #wtf <-- Think PETA need perspective? #
    • 09:04 Ripping CDs on my laptop is going to result in burned legs. Mmm toasty. What's that smell? #
    • 10:50 @jasonbstanding Dammit. Well, check and come with us if you're not :) #
    • 10:56 I love submitting track listings of obscure albums to Gracenote CDDB knowing it will freak someone out to find them there one day. #
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     Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:22 @NomentionofKev Yeah, I agree. It's better for her to leave it there than to have removal scarring. The stars are at least kind of cool. #
    • 08:24 @jeamland Something like that. :/ #
    • 08:24 @thornae *embarrassed that you admitted to owning a wifebeater*. #
    • 08:25 @thornae PS. There are ways to tell, you know. But now I'm considering removing tags from more of your clothing as an experiment. Boxers? :P #
    • 08:28 @jeamland True true. #
    • 08:35 Ugh. Iran Elections hashtag being abused by losers showing Goatse. I so didn't need that. #
    • 08:39 @NomentionofKev I'm sure if everyone blocks them Twitter will notice.. #
    • 09:31 Curious about: "HowStuffWorks "10 Science Experiments That Changed the World"" ( ) #
    • 09:58 RT @wendypedia The importance of stupidity in scientific research by Martin A. Schwartz: #
    • 10:11 Woo - We're approved for the house! Very, very relieved and happy. #
    • 10:19 Thanks for the RT @molokov_au and @timelady - Such a great article! More ppl should read it. #
    • 11:18 RT @timelady RT @phaoloo: Top 10 (More) Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument #
    • 11:20 @timelady What's sad is that I first saw you post this on FB, then scrolled your tweets to retweet it because it was the easiest way. *sigh* #
    • 11:28 RT @davepenny47 RT @ParisHeather: A great blog for anyone planning a trip to watch the Tour de France: #
    • 12:18 RT @Iconic88 RT @Mike_Wesely: #QUOTE: If you succeed at everything you try, you've probably set your sights too low ~ John Ball #
    • 12:19 Am I alone in compulsively editing typos & spelling mistakes when I retweet? #
    • 12:44 Apparently compulsive editing of other people's tweets is rampant on Twitter. #
    • 14:02 RT @CaribPop RT @PeterSantilli: Join the green wall - #iranelection #
    • 14:04 @NomentionofKev Bwahaha! #
    • 14:04 @jamver Renting, but I'm sure the process is nearly as tricky. :) #
    • 14:06 Dammit, I left my tea in the kitchen again. Forgot to set my tea-timing widget. I'll never win this game. Doomed to drink strong, cold tea. #
    • 18:48 @binka_boo You'll love France then :D #
    • 18:49 @Primewax Wow. That doesn't convince me to go, you know. :P #
    • 18:49 @churchmouse443 Thanks - So do I :) #
    • 18:52 RT @absinthedisco RT @nytimes: City Room: Jet Heading to Newark With Dead Pilot -- he died mid-flight! #
    • 20:33 Horrified about: "Job applicants required to hand over social network login/pass for background check" ( ) #
    • 20:53 Loving: "Twitter Telepathy: Researchers Turn Thoughts Into Tweets |" ( ) #
    • 20:57 @NomentionofKev I'm desperate to edit your tweet now. :P #
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     Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 10:32 I just updated my Squidoo page: Get Off Your Arse And Get On With It! / #
    • 20:30 @vampSaam See 'Scrobble' is a made up verb for getting the list of music you've listened to into #
    • 20:31 @randulo Wow. I never knew - scary! #
    • 20:34 Heh. iTunes is trending - mainly with people whinging. I agree!! It made me reinstall randomly today saying it couldn't sync without it. #
    • 20:35 RT @mrwhitepaisley #nicerfilmtitles Hygenic Dancing <-- ROFL! #
    • 20:36 @drewschon Haha - No, not too obscure. Awesome. :) #
    • 20:38 Cool Intentions #nicerfilmtitles #
    • 20:47 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern flipped heads #nicerfilmtitles #
    • 20:48 Virgin BlueEyes #nicerfilmtitles #
    • 20:49 Man Likes Dog #nicerfilmtitles #
    • 22:43 Laughing at: "Tattooed girl with 56 stars on face" ( ) #
    • 22:46 @binka_boo Oui - C'est parfait! We're looking forward to it. :) #
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     Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 15:59 @opheliatudeaux We're all booked. I think the deal is you just turn up on the day. :) See website - it's very vague. We'll co-ordinate later #
    • 16:09 RT @mpoppel Live (as far as we can tell) pictures from Tehran, the scene of a massive pro-government rally: #
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     Monday, June 15, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 17:07 Thoroughly fed up with iTunes and client issues. Time to see if Amarok's windows release is stable enough - looks very promising. #
    • 19:44 RT @geechee_girl Photo of riot policeman helped by protester speaks volumes (via #bostonglobe) #iranelections #
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     Friday, June 12, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 11:54 Sometimes I really wish I could sing in harmony with myself. Duets are so one-sided when you're all alone. #
    • 13:08 @lkl Lucky you - I can't find any anywhere. I'm now jealous of your lunch. :) #
    • 13:09 @mrsoap Or I can wait until I have someone to sing with.. :P #
    • 13:09 @edible_hat I'm sure it's got more uses :P #
    • 13:10 @spacefem Thanks! #
    • 13:12 @wendyldavis Our own personal solo choirs. Woo! #
    • 16:07 RT @thornae RT @JSCarroll wait for it to load: #
    • 19:52 #lastfm #love Loituma - Ieva's Polka (Ievan Polkka) (Original Acapella) #
    • 20:17 NRJ are mad. After you plug in cc details it takes you to "your bank" (an unfamiliar url with my bank's logo) to validate. Why trust this? #
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     Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 11:54 Noting locations of Indian grocers in Toulouse. I'm drooling in anticipation of our upcoming trip - I'll be able to cook curries again! #
    • 16:23 I can't believe Amazon want ppl to run their stupid app just to purchase mp3s. Do. not. want. DRM. or. your. software. Lost sale. #
    • 17:15 @frenchToday Thanks to you, I eventually did find the small print saying I could avoid that step. :) #
    • 18:16 @jeffsteiner Sorry, I have no idea. Still new to French. Maybe try @lkl? #
    • 22:34 Laughing at: "DTV Transition" - Americans may have to read books. There's been a bailout and all.. Scary! ( ) #
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     Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:57 The pens are breeding in my handbag. I have three identical pens now. #
    • 11:45 @Bass_ Maybe you have a flatmate who eats your pens in the night? #
    • 16:27 Heading out to play on showrides in the rain with little kiddies. Bring on the muddy fun! #
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     Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:09 RT @astroengine Kim Stanley Robinson: My 10 Favorite Mars Novels #
    • 08:12 Looking at: "Mercury and MESSENGER - The Big Picture -" ( ) #
    • 15:32 I'm signing for a house this afternoon. I'm not sure if that means we get it or not... #
    • 15:36 Just took my 100th mugshot! #
    • 16:14 Damn coffee. MOUTH, not couch. #
    • 19:07 @churchmouse443 @childhood @onyamag Thanks. It's a rental house. We've signed forms and handed over cheques. Hope that's enough! #
    • 19:08 So, I chop some chilli. I sit down with a beer. I've got hayfever. I rub my eye. Yup. I RUBBED CHILLI IN MY EYE!!! It's quite the sensation. #
    • 19:17 RT @mashable Meebo's Vision: Chat With All Your Friends From Any Social Site - - Finally! Meebo is great. #
    • 19:22 Dear Youtube, randomly changing my language preferences (after I've told you what I prefer) while I'm logged in is actually very annoying. #
    • 19:28 @Blue_Collar_U Well, actually. It's kind of a buzz. :/ I should go back to the beer, right? Yeah. #
    • 19:30 @pink_soprano WTF are you doing in hospital? What's wrong? #
    • 22:37 @jasonbstanding I'm jealous. He didn't confirm his European tour until it was too late for me to be in Belguim next week. #
    • 22:39 @unipede Ooher. Beer in the eyes. That's, er, unpleasant I'm sure. #
    • 22:40 @pink_soprano That sounds crap. Good luck with it. :/ #
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     Monday, June 08, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 21:51 @fancyfembot Ewwww! (But lol) But yuk! #
    • 22:57 RT @spacecrazed An amazing six month exposure of the sun rising and falling over Bristol's famous suspension bridge #
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     Sunday, June 07, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 18:49 @DannyBrown Well, with that sort of recommendation I just had to watch.. #
    • 20:41 I think I love celeriac. #
    • 20:43 @DannyBrown Oh yes. It's completely out of line to ask about the "cash for comment" question. Could catch someone out that way. #
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     Saturday, June 06, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 16:05 I'm stupidly excited about managing to scrobble the last two week's worth of music. #music #geek #lastfm #
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     Friday, June 05, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 06:11 @jeamland Woo! I wish I could, but they always reject me because of the infinitely small risk of mad cow disease. #
    • 06:56 I think songbird might finally be ready for me to give up on iTunes altogether. #
    • 08:08 @LibrarianIdol I'd be worried about you if you didn't find books exciting. :) #
    • 12:04 @stilgherrian And now I see there's scheduled maintenance 8pm Friday - Think @ev and @biz read The Blogess' post too? ;) #
    • 12:07 Er, okay. Just got an email saying something I bought was out of stock. Seconds later the delivery arrives. :/ #
    • 12:22 @katykat Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Presets & Chemical Bros. :D #
    • 13:23 @lkl Thanks to you I now understand the c'est/Il est nouns/adverbs difference. Modified/unmodified! So simple - Finally! #
    • 15:23 Watching the storm come in - gorgeous. #
    • 16:15 @bobtoovey @toulousenessie It's brief but bold :D #
    • 16:17 Getting my hard drive space back by removing the 80G bootcamp partition. Why was that even there? Gah! #
    • 16:27 RT @nicholaspatten Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie. Awesomeness. #
    • 19:58 OMG Flickr is down #
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    Why do you blog?
    I got approached by a student friend-of-a-friend to do a survey about blogging. So, I figured it would be quite apt to blog the response.

    1- Why do you blog?
    Mainly to stay in touch with friends, keep a record of fun stuff I've done and ideas I've had. I also have a few blogs which involve more professional writing on topics to do with my career, and others for topics which might help people.

    2- How often do you blog?
    A few times a week (If I'm good).

    3- What do you write about?
    Personal updates, things I think about, travel, expat issues in France, social networking, event management and self-help (in several different blogs).

    4- What is your main motivation to keep updating?
    Personally, to keep my friends updated. Professionally, to ensure I am actively learning more about my field and proving myself to be an expert.

    5- what is your pen-name?
    Smange is my username pretty much everywhere, so it's a sort of a brand for me. But I use my real name, Angela Alcorn, rather than an alias if that's what you mean.

    6- Do you have anything else interesting to add?
    I think a lot of people mix up all their blogging into one blog, whether they're talking about personal things or professional. This doesn't really lend itself to providing a service for the subscriber as they want you to stay on topic. I figure if my friends want to see ALL the things I write, they can look at one of the lifestream services (like Friendfeed) where the posts are all brought back together again.

    7- Is being anonymous important to you? Do you keep your online blog and your real life separate? Why?
    Sort of. I'm careful to keep enough information private that I won't end up with real-life stalkers or something coming back to haunt me in any way. I also take a lot of care ensuring that my friends' safety and reputation (especially kids) aren't compromised by what I say online.

    I write with the thought that anyone can read this (and might one day), so I make sure I would be happy for any of the following people to see it: Future employers, current employers, police, my grandma, stalkers, friends, my friend's employers, government departments, anyone in my photos or who I talk about etc.

    I'm fairly open around those guidelines, but it does mean that I generally keep quiet about some things. Anyone who only knows me from blog posts has a filtered, sanitised view of me. Not that I'm wildly different, but I'm sure they'd be a little surprised at least.

    Posted at 7:35 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, June 04, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:56 @thornae Eeek. I have fear too. #
    • 09:00 Last night I woke at 2:30am upside-down on my bed, laptop still running beneath my fingers with unsaved work and a nearly-flat battery. :/ #
    • 10:16 RT @tomzer1 CHINA NEWS: Twitterers Break Silence on Tiananmen Squares Tank Man #
    • 11:56 Agreeing with: "Derren Brown Blog » Blog Archive » Simon Singh stands up to libel claims" ( ) #
    • 13:33 @timminchin I know. This world is crazy to defend precious pride over scientific questioning. I'm very angry about it. #
    • 17:23 RT @understandniche <-- ten signs you need to get a life (via @minervity) - I could add "You read this post" :P #
    • 18:25 RT @UNEPandYou: Help us reach 10,000 followers by tomorrow! Can we do it? UNEP will plant 1 tree for every follower. Spread the word pls RT #
    • 18:33 Time for a plunge into a gorgeous pool, alone on a balmy evening. Only one person could improve my plans. #
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     Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:44 Listening to a drill dri drilllll driiiiiiiiiilll dr dr drii driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll ll ll. #
    • 18:07 @mvheath Don't worry about it, but thanks. #
    • 22:45 Surprised by: OMFG Americans get quite a lot of unemployment money. Aussies get about that in AU$ - So, half. ( ) #
    • 22:52 Laughing at: "Do you have a codeword so you can identify your future self when you travel back in time?" ( ) #
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     Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:15 @mvheath Cherry Ripes, Tim Tams and Natural Food Co lollies. :( #
    • 09:16 @pipstar Heh. Good call! But, I mean, Cherry Ripes and Tim Tams - We knew that already. #
    • 09:18 @clutterbells Actually, I got stimulated too. Maybe I should spend my $900 importing Australian snacks to France. Heh! #
    • 09:19 @ChocoholicBec I know - I guess I'll have to go eat Belgium chocolate instead of Tim Tams. (I'll go nail my hand to my forehead now) #
    • 10:05 RT @Jason_Pollock #Amazing Pic of a Turtle about 2come out of its egg - #
    • 11:33 @ChocoholicBec Is it really supposed to be that good? #
    • 15:02 @thornae Dammit. #
    • 16:28 I think it's time to crawl towards the can of guarana-fizzy-thing and suck it down so I make it through the rest of the day. #
    • 17:40 12seconds - Late-afternoon much-needed Singing #
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     Monday, June 01, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 10:01 A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving -- Lao Tzu #
    • 10:17 Agreeing with: "Singing: The Key To A Long Life : NPR" ( ) #
    • 13:33 Distracted by: "Get Out And Play" ( ) #
    • 13:37 @binka_boo It's a perfect plan :) #
    • 19:14 Very pissed that the flatmate has eaten our Australian snacks. That's just rude. English labels = Obviously not from France. #
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