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     Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:22 @NomentionofKev Yeah, I agree. It's better for her to leave it there than to have removal scarring. The stars are at least kind of cool. #
    • 08:24 @jeamland Something like that. :/ #
    • 08:24 @thornae *embarrassed that you admitted to owning a wifebeater*. #
    • 08:25 @thornae PS. There are ways to tell, you know. But now I'm considering removing tags from more of your clothing as an experiment. Boxers? :P #
    • 08:28 @jeamland True true. #
    • 08:35 Ugh. Iran Elections hashtag being abused by losers showing Goatse. I so didn't need that. #
    • 08:39 @NomentionofKev I'm sure if everyone blocks them Twitter will notice.. #
    • 09:31 Curious about: "HowStuffWorks "10 Science Experiments That Changed the World"" ( ) #
    • 09:58 RT @wendypedia The importance of stupidity in scientific research by Martin A. Schwartz: #
    • 10:11 Woo - We're approved for the house! Very, very relieved and happy. #
    • 10:19 Thanks for the RT @molokov_au and @timelady - Such a great article! More ppl should read it. #
    • 11:18 RT @timelady RT @phaoloo: Top 10 (More) Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument #
    • 11:20 @timelady What's sad is that I first saw you post this on FB, then scrolled your tweets to retweet it because it was the easiest way. *sigh* #
    • 11:28 RT @davepenny47 RT @ParisHeather: A great blog for anyone planning a trip to watch the Tour de France: #
    • 12:18 RT @Iconic88 RT @Mike_Wesely: #QUOTE: If you succeed at everything you try, you've probably set your sights too low ~ John Ball #
    • 12:19 Am I alone in compulsively editing typos & spelling mistakes when I retweet? #
    • 12:44 Apparently compulsive editing of other people's tweets is rampant on Twitter. #
    • 14:02 RT @CaribPop RT @PeterSantilli: Join the green wall - #iranelection #
    • 14:04 @NomentionofKev Bwahaha! #
    • 14:04 @jamver Renting, but I'm sure the process is nearly as tricky. :) #
    • 14:06 Dammit, I left my tea in the kitchen again. Forgot to set my tea-timing widget. I'll never win this game. Doomed to drink strong, cold tea. #
    • 18:48 @binka_boo You'll love France then :D #
    • 18:49 @Primewax Wow. That doesn't convince me to go, you know. :P #
    • 18:49 @churchmouse443 Thanks - So do I :) #
    • 18:52 RT @absinthedisco RT @nytimes: City Room: Jet Heading to Newark With Dead Pilot -- he died mid-flight! #
    • 20:33 Horrified about: "Job applicants required to hand over social network login/pass for background check" ( ) #
    • 20:53 Loving: "Twitter Telepathy: Researchers Turn Thoughts Into Tweets |" ( ) #
    • 20:57 @NomentionofKev I'm desperate to edit your tweet now. :P #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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