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     Thursday, June 04, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:56 @thornae Eeek. I have fear too. #
    • 09:00 Last night I woke at 2:30am upside-down on my bed, laptop still running beneath my fingers with unsaved work and a nearly-flat battery. :/ #
    • 10:16 RT @tomzer1 CHINA NEWS: Twitterers Break Silence on Tiananmen Squares Tank Man #
    • 11:56 Agreeing with: "Derren Brown Blog » Blog Archive » Simon Singh stands up to libel claims" ( ) #
    • 13:33 @timminchin I know. This world is crazy to defend precious pride over scientific questioning. I'm very angry about it. #
    • 17:23 RT @understandniche <-- ten signs you need to get a life (via @minervity) - I could add "You read this post" :P #
    • 18:25 RT @UNEPandYou: Help us reach 10,000 followers by tomorrow! Can we do it? UNEP will plant 1 tree for every follower. Spread the word pls RT #
    • 18:33 Time for a plunge into a gorgeous pool, alone on a balmy evening. Only one person could improve my plans. #
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