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     Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:09 RT @astroengine Kim Stanley Robinson: My 10 Favorite Mars Novels #
    • 08:12 Looking at: "Mercury and MESSENGER - The Big Picture -" ( ) #
    • 15:32 I'm signing for a house this afternoon. I'm not sure if that means we get it or not... #
    • 15:36 Just took my 100th mugshot! #
    • 16:14 Damn coffee. MOUTH, not couch. #
    • 19:07 @churchmouse443 @childhood @onyamag Thanks. It's a rental house. We've signed forms and handed over cheques. Hope that's enough! #
    • 19:08 So, I chop some chilli. I sit down with a beer. I've got hayfever. I rub my eye. Yup. I RUBBED CHILLI IN MY EYE!!! It's quite the sensation. #
    • 19:17 RT @mashable Meebo's Vision: Chat With All Your Friends From Any Social Site - - Finally! Meebo is great. #
    • 19:22 Dear Youtube, randomly changing my language preferences (after I've told you what I prefer) while I'm logged in is actually very annoying. #
    • 19:28 @Blue_Collar_U Well, actually. It's kind of a buzz. :/ I should go back to the beer, right? Yeah. #
    • 19:30 @pink_soprano WTF are you doing in hospital? What's wrong? #
    • 22:37 @jasonbstanding I'm jealous. He didn't confirm his European tour until it was too late for me to be in Belguim next week. #
    • 22:39 @unipede Ooher. Beer in the eyes. That's, er, unpleasant I'm sure. #
    • 22:40 @pink_soprano That sounds crap. Good luck with it. :/ #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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