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     Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:41 @triplej Suggested song from the Triple J equivalent in France: ALISTER - Fille à problème (Live version isn't as cool) #
    • 09:15 @holsz The link to the recipe was just before the pic :) And yes, very tasty and way too easy. #
    • 09:37 Ahh. Here's the rain. Just beautiful. #
    • 13:58 @opheliatudeaux Mean mean mean. I almost have No 10. *headdesk* #
    • 14:01 RT @opheliatudeaux Obsessed with: Gave it to maths club kids today. We got up to puzzle 10. <-- Avoid if busy. ;) #
    • 14:03 RT @mistygirlph How to follow the Iran election with Alltop #
    • 16:30 RT @thornae Thats it. Were officially doomed. Some idiots gone and made robots that EAT FLESH FOR POWER! #
    • 16:39 @thornae It's Power Twitter being wonky. *sigh* Every now and then they do an update where RTs screw up dismally. #
    • 16:41 @thornae And I was laughing so hard I forgot to edit. Plus, it's you. It never occurred to me that it would need editing. So, I didn't look. #
    • 16:46 @thornae Of course. While one is distracting you by mangling grammar another is ready to eat your flesh. LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU! #
    • 16:52 RT @Minervity What Type of Creative Geek Are you? - The 56 Geek Types - #
    • 17:38 Thanks for RTs @fredharrison & @bruce_p_smith :) #
    • 17:47 Wish I could go to Traveling Geeks -- #
    • 17:48 But I'll be in London very soon after for this: #
    • 17:54 @binka_boo I'll have to agree it doesn't count since I'll be doing the same thing next week. :) #
    • 18:59 @chris_stevenson Yes, it's always nice to settle in wile the forward is busy complimenting the book. #
    • 20:44 @opheliatudeaux Yup. Of course. :) #
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