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     Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    X Men 3

    Originally uploaded by smange_other.

    This was heaps of fun. I loved it.

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     Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Blonde moments with Amanda and Karen..

    Amanda just had a very blonde moment. She was trying to find a picture
    to use for a sign at work. She found an animated gif she liked and said
    "But I don't want it to move when I print it".

    And yesterday Karen was asked if she waxed her arms and she replied with
    "What? These arms?" Um, no. Your *other* arms. :P

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     Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    links for 2006-05-24

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     Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    links for 2006-05-23

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     Monday, May 22, 2006

    links for 2006-05-22

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     Sunday, May 21, 2006

    links for 2006-05-21

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     Friday, May 19, 2006


    Originally uploaded by smange_other.

    One very cute little play done extremely well. Nuff Said. :)

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    Work news

    Well, it seems there are three people leaving Satisfac in the very near
    future: A teleservice consultant, an insurance guy and a lender. So,
    there may be room for me to move to a more interesting position after
    all. :)

    Posted at 5:23 AM # | Comments

    We did the Tim Tam Slam!

    Mal Webb still rocks my world. I swear he is the best entertainer I have
    ever met. The man can make amazing sounds using just his mouth. And he
    can breathe through his ears or something (well, he must be able to!).

    Last night Damien, Bruce and I went to see him at the Grace. Ran into
    Sarah (Vinnie's Ex) and SP there. Bruce, Sarah and SP had never seen Mal
    Webb before - Tee hee! The man had us rolling around laughing and
    crying. My stomach still hurts. *bounces*

    What was really cool was seeing Mal do Baterz and Queen covers. Never
    seen that before! He also did a whole heap of his standard things and
    lots of ad lib stuff (as usual!). He's just brilliant!

    For those who still don't know what I am on about: - Go see!!

    Don't listen to the mp3's as it will not give you any idea what he is
    like live. Just work out when you can see him live and do that. :)

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     Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Dammit! Stupid TAFE!


    Due to TAFE failing to send me my results and letting me know that I've
    actually passed everything I should have passed I have been unable to
    apply to graduate yet. In the course of hassling them again for my
    results I've just found out that tourism graduations are tomorrow.

    Dammit! I am missing my own graduation. Not just as in not being there..
    as in I'm not graduating with the rest of the class. I mean, I still get
    parchment whenever I can apply for it. But if I want to get an award or
    go to a ceremony I have to wait until May 2007.

    Ripped off.

    And you know what's slightly ironic? They're probably at the Town Hall
    again.. so Jason's probably going to be watching/guarding the

    I shouldn't be letting it annoy me so much.. but since I only did the
    course in order to get a piece of paper I am feeling a bit shafted. I
    think I'll allow myself to sulk for a while at least.

    Posted at 9:39 AM # | Comments

    We are the robots..

    The last couple of days I've been walking through town a lot with the
    masses of corporate Adelaide. Generally, the people with headphones make
    more eye contact than the drones. There's like a secret understanding
    between headphone people.. like we don't really belong to the corporate
    slavery and actually still have personalities behind our corporate wear.
    There's also a sort of "You wouldn't believe what I'm listening to,

    So, I've been walking around in corporate wear trying not to dance and
    sing and generally embarrass myself. Which I'm not good at. It's much
    easier to cut loose and do the embarrassing things. So I dance and sing
    and freak people out. So sue me. :P

    Um, what was my point? Oh that's it. Yesterday it really amused me to
    watch the masses walking in time with my soundtrack of Fat Boy Slim.
    "Right here, right now" is a FANTASTIC corporate masses soundtrack. It
    was surreal. But then there was "Praise you". Now, there are only a few
    special people in the world who understand why I want to dance like an
    idiot whenever I hear that song (Watch the film clip and become one of
    my special friends!). Dancing to "Praise you" when no-one else can hear
    the music is likely to get me institutionalised. Really. :) It was *so*
    hard to stop myself. Hehe.

    Argh. Now to the real point of the post. Today I found the BEST
    corporate masses migration music. Kraftwerk. "We are the robots" and
    "Machine". I just wish I'd been listening to the German version.
    Freakiness plus.

    On a random note.. Bruce pointed out today that my uniform looks like
    what people in the future wore in the 70s. Then he realized the truth of
    it was that it looks like a Star Trek uniform.. I even have the symbol
    in the right place. I worry that now I'm a blue Trekky I will obviously
    die in the course of the episode. :\

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     Sunday, May 14, 2006

    links for 2006-05-14

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     Saturday, May 13, 2006

    links for 2006-05-13

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     Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Eek! Scary!

    I just spoke to a member who lives in my old house in Aldgate. Then
    followed that call with a call from someone called Angela. If I get a
    coincidence in the next call I am going to flip.

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     Monday, May 08, 2006

    Ange the Super Freak!

    Originally uploaded by smange.

    Posted at 12:16 PM # | Comments

    I'm a super freak!

    Whoah. My ride in today was COLD!!! Also, I'd managed to leave all my
    bike riding gear at work.. So I was dressed in random stuff. I looked
    like such a freak. I had boots on, 3/4 red pants, a black
    sort-of-waterproof jacket, bike gloves, bike glasses (yellow ones) and a
    beanie under my helmet. I thought it would look kind of funny, but I
    didn't realise quite how funny until I caught sight of myself in a
    mirror when I got to work. I nearly fell over laughing, so I took a
    photo. I may get around to uploading it sometime.. But then again, maybe
    not :) Either way, the ride was so cold.. My hands, face and legs were
    melting off. Ow Ow.

    And last night I watched the last few episodes of season two Alias. They
    were great, but I have to complain bitterly that I knew what was
    coming.. since I remember seeing the ads on TV telling me how season
    three starts. Gnargh. I hate spoilers!!

    Posted at 1:32 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Red Beard

    Last night Damien and I saw Kurosawa's Red Beard for free at the
    Mercury. That is an AWESOME movie. Bruce is spewing as it was his idea
    to go and yet he missed it. It was about three hours long and it took a
    while to work out who was important and who wasn't, but the last hour
    especially was fantastic!

    There were moments where the whole cinema was too stunned to breathe.
    One such moment was when the women were yelling down the well. I was so
    heartbroken I couldn't even cry. There were so many moments that chilled
    everyone to the bone.. or made you cry.. or both. And so many moments
    that showed the Japanese to be extremely honest people (yet highly
    ciritical of themselves).

    Most memorable points of the movie:
    - the women screaming into the well
    - when the old men die
    - watching the girl beg for money to buy a replacement bowl
    - the humility as the doctor begs forgiveness from red beard for being
    a prat
    - girl falling asleep reading (It's the scene that says "Ange")
    - boy telling his story and the old woman overhears and cries
    - when the boy says he is going away
    - old woman saving rice by telling the other women they eat too much
    - when all the old women chase away the painted bitch and throw french
    sticks at her

    Yeah, okay so only people who have seen it will have any idea what I'm
    on about. But it's a bloody excellent movie and you all should watch it,

    Posted at 2:26 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Possibly a long winded post...

    Today is really quiet at work. It seems to be the way with call centres
    when it's rainy. I woke up this morning at 7am to the realisation that I
    was about to walk in the pouring rain for an hour. Hmm. It was actually
    really pretty and I was enjoying my walk.. but I *was* completely
    drenched and running late so it was nice that a random stranger offered
    me a lift to the bus stop.

    I really have nothing to say, but I felt it was time for a post. *tries
    to think what I've been doing lately*

    Thursday 27th - I was grumpy when I left work. I nearly got run over
    several times on the way home, it was cold and almost rainy and I gave
    up on riding home and bribed Jason to drive me home from Penfolds Road
    (by buying him and Imogen dinner at Red Rock). Slack. *shrug* Alias

    Friday 28th - Went to Jo and Phil's for dinner with Bruce. Really nice
    night was had by all. Very silly stories were told and we watched Jimmy
    Neutron which was cute.

    Saturday 29th - Went to the wedding of Bruce's high school friends,
    Steve and Natasha. It was a really fun wedding. I got the guided tour of
    Immanuel College, partied on at the reception and met a whole heap of
    people who completely failed to tell me embarrasing stories about Bruce.
    Lots of fun, anyway. :)

    Sunday 30th - I really just slept. I woke up at midday but then slept
    much more until about 5pm. Then I got up and made toast and tried to
    wake up Bruce. We slowly woke up somewhat and finally left the house
    about 8:30pm to go to Damien's to watch Blake's 7. Strangely, I just
    fell asleep as soon as I got there. Why I was still tired I will never

    Monday 1st - Mayday! I was going to head into Victoria Square at 7am to
    watch the morris dancers, but I got distracted. Damien made me my first
    porridge of the season and we had a wholly civilised breakfast before
    heading to work, which was - er, worky. Matt had myself and Michael over
    for dinner before Corinthians.. And then Ed, Michael and I over for
    drinks afterwards. Really nice evening. And we're singing some cool
    stuff in Corinthians too. Christie has taste. Made my home on Matt's
    couch for the night (I'm such a slacker).

    Tuesday 2nd - Was a really long work day, what with the team meeting at
    8:30am and working until close at 6pm. I was miserable and damp by the
    end of the day. My sulky email email to Bruce captured the mood

    "I just spent money I didn't have on lunch I didn't like. Then I got
    soaked walking back to the office when I knew I had a perfectly good
    umbrella near my desk. Then through running in the rain I managed to rip
    open my nicely invisible-stitched hem on my bloody expensive pants which
    go with the even more expensive jacket I can't find. And all the way
    back I was dreading my ride home in the cold rain. Then I got lumped
    with a big pile of errors I made at work."

    So, instead of riding home (again) I caught a bus to the Tower Hotel and
    then caught a taxi from there.. stopping briefly for an awful, but
    cheap, glass of wine. When I got home I caught up on some Alias while I
    talked to Bruce for ages on the phone and online. Got to catch up on my
    email and LJ and stuff. Nice and relaxing.. but entirely unproductive.

    Something that was painfully obvious in this article I read yesterday
    by Paul Graham about loving your work
    is that if you're going to
    have a day job and make yourself satisfied by your other interests you
    need to produce something to show for your other passions. Currently,
    I'm not producing. Must remedy that. I've kind of been waiting for money
    to start my business, but I shouldn't. I should just get on with some
    arty stuff like some composition.

    Anyway, this is my brain rambling on for the sake of something to do. As
    I said, it's *really* quiet at work today.

    **********BREAKING NEWS********

    Wow! I *just* got an email from Jayne. Finally, I will be signing to
    sell the Clovelly house. Tomorrow! So, by the end of next week I should
    be a very happy camper. *bounces*

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     Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    links for 2006-05-02

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