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     Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Possibly a long winded post...

    Today is really quiet at work. It seems to be the way with call centres
    when it's rainy. I woke up this morning at 7am to the realisation that I
    was about to walk in the pouring rain for an hour. Hmm. It was actually
    really pretty and I was enjoying my walk.. but I *was* completely
    drenched and running late so it was nice that a random stranger offered
    me a lift to the bus stop.

    I really have nothing to say, but I felt it was time for a post. *tries
    to think what I've been doing lately*

    Thursday 27th - I was grumpy when I left work. I nearly got run over
    several times on the way home, it was cold and almost rainy and I gave
    up on riding home and bribed Jason to drive me home from Penfolds Road
    (by buying him and Imogen dinner at Red Rock). Slack. *shrug* Alias

    Friday 28th - Went to Jo and Phil's for dinner with Bruce. Really nice
    night was had by all. Very silly stories were told and we watched Jimmy
    Neutron which was cute.

    Saturday 29th - Went to the wedding of Bruce's high school friends,
    Steve and Natasha. It was a really fun wedding. I got the guided tour of
    Immanuel College, partied on at the reception and met a whole heap of
    people who completely failed to tell me embarrasing stories about Bruce.
    Lots of fun, anyway. :)

    Sunday 30th - I really just slept. I woke up at midday but then slept
    much more until about 5pm. Then I got up and made toast and tried to
    wake up Bruce. We slowly woke up somewhat and finally left the house
    about 8:30pm to go to Damien's to watch Blake's 7. Strangely, I just
    fell asleep as soon as I got there. Why I was still tired I will never

    Monday 1st - Mayday! I was going to head into Victoria Square at 7am to
    watch the morris dancers, but I got distracted. Damien made me my first
    porridge of the season and we had a wholly civilised breakfast before
    heading to work, which was - er, worky. Matt had myself and Michael over
    for dinner before Corinthians.. And then Ed, Michael and I over for
    drinks afterwards. Really nice evening. And we're singing some cool
    stuff in Corinthians too. Christie has taste. Made my home on Matt's
    couch for the night (I'm such a slacker).

    Tuesday 2nd - Was a really long work day, what with the team meeting at
    8:30am and working until close at 6pm. I was miserable and damp by the
    end of the day. My sulky email email to Bruce captured the mood

    "I just spent money I didn't have on lunch I didn't like. Then I got
    soaked walking back to the office when I knew I had a perfectly good
    umbrella near my desk. Then through running in the rain I managed to rip
    open my nicely invisible-stitched hem on my bloody expensive pants which
    go with the even more expensive jacket I can't find. And all the way
    back I was dreading my ride home in the cold rain. Then I got lumped
    with a big pile of errors I made at work."

    So, instead of riding home (again) I caught a bus to the Tower Hotel and
    then caught a taxi from there.. stopping briefly for an awful, but
    cheap, glass of wine. When I got home I caught up on some Alias while I
    talked to Bruce for ages on the phone and online. Got to catch up on my
    email and LJ and stuff. Nice and relaxing.. but entirely unproductive.

    Something that was painfully obvious in this article I read yesterday
    by Paul Graham about loving your work
    is that if you're going to
    have a day job and make yourself satisfied by your other interests you
    need to produce something to show for your other passions. Currently,
    I'm not producing. Must remedy that. I've kind of been waiting for money
    to start my business, but I shouldn't. I should just get on with some
    arty stuff like some composition.

    Anyway, this is my brain rambling on for the sake of something to do. As
    I said, it's *really* quiet at work today.

    **********BREAKING NEWS********

    Wow! I *just* got an email from Jayne. Finally, I will be signing to
    sell the Clovelly house. Tomorrow! So, by the end of next week I should
    be a very happy camper. *bounces*

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