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     Monday, May 08, 2006

    I'm a super freak!

    Whoah. My ride in today was COLD!!! Also, I'd managed to leave all my
    bike riding gear at work.. So I was dressed in random stuff. I looked
    like such a freak. I had boots on, 3/4 red pants, a black
    sort-of-waterproof jacket, bike gloves, bike glasses (yellow ones) and a
    beanie under my helmet. I thought it would look kind of funny, but I
    didn't realise quite how funny until I caught sight of myself in a
    mirror when I got to work. I nearly fell over laughing, so I took a
    photo. I may get around to uploading it sometime.. But then again, maybe
    not :) Either way, the ride was so cold.. My hands, face and legs were
    melting off. Ow Ow.

    And last night I watched the last few episodes of season two Alias. They
    were great, but I have to complain bitterly that I knew what was
    coming.. since I remember seeing the ads on TV telling me how season
    three starts. Gnargh. I hate spoilers!!

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