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     Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Dammit! Stupid TAFE!


    Due to TAFE failing to send me my results and letting me know that I've
    actually passed everything I should have passed I have been unable to
    apply to graduate yet. In the course of hassling them again for my
    results I've just found out that tourism graduations are tomorrow.

    Dammit! I am missing my own graduation. Not just as in not being there..
    as in I'm not graduating with the rest of the class. I mean, I still get
    parchment whenever I can apply for it. But if I want to get an award or
    go to a ceremony I have to wait until May 2007.

    Ripped off.

    And you know what's slightly ironic? They're probably at the Town Hall
    again.. so Jason's probably going to be watching/guarding the

    I shouldn't be letting it annoy me so much.. but since I only did the
    course in order to get a piece of paper I am feeling a bit shafted. I
    think I'll allow myself to sulk for a while at least.

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