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     Thursday, May 18, 2006

    We are the robots..

    The last couple of days I've been walking through town a lot with the
    masses of corporate Adelaide. Generally, the people with headphones make
    more eye contact than the drones. There's like a secret understanding
    between headphone people.. like we don't really belong to the corporate
    slavery and actually still have personalities behind our corporate wear.
    There's also a sort of "You wouldn't believe what I'm listening to,

    So, I've been walking around in corporate wear trying not to dance and
    sing and generally embarrass myself. Which I'm not good at. It's much
    easier to cut loose and do the embarrassing things. So I dance and sing
    and freak people out. So sue me. :P

    Um, what was my point? Oh that's it. Yesterday it really amused me to
    watch the masses walking in time with my soundtrack of Fat Boy Slim.
    "Right here, right now" is a FANTASTIC corporate masses soundtrack. It
    was surreal. But then there was "Praise you". Now, there are only a few
    special people in the world who understand why I want to dance like an
    idiot whenever I hear that song (Watch the film clip and become one of
    my special friends!). Dancing to "Praise you" when no-one else can hear
    the music is likely to get me institutionalised. Really. :) It was *so*
    hard to stop myself. Hehe.

    Argh. Now to the real point of the post. Today I found the BEST
    corporate masses migration music. Kraftwerk. "We are the robots" and
    "Machine". I just wish I'd been listening to the German version.
    Freakiness plus.

    On a random note.. Bruce pointed out today that my uniform looks like
    what people in the future wore in the 70s. Then he realized the truth of
    it was that it looks like a Star Trek uniform.. I even have the symbol
    in the right place. I worry that now I'm a blue Trekky I will obviously
    die in the course of the episode. :\

    Posted at 4:21 AM #

    Are you sure it's not the yellow Trekkies that died?
    In the original series the Red Shirts generally died first. The blue marks you as part of the Science or medical team. (yes I am a nerd :-) )
    Oh good. That's okay then :)
    I was listening to Praise You on the tube the other day and trying not to do the same. I think I had a massive grin on my face, though... :)
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