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     Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Red Beard

    Last night Damien and I saw Kurosawa's Red Beard for free at the
    Mercury. That is an AWESOME movie. Bruce is spewing as it was his idea
    to go and yet he missed it. It was about three hours long and it took a
    while to work out who was important and who wasn't, but the last hour
    especially was fantastic!

    There were moments where the whole cinema was too stunned to breathe.
    One such moment was when the women were yelling down the well. I was so
    heartbroken I couldn't even cry. There were so many moments that chilled
    everyone to the bone.. or made you cry.. or both. And so many moments
    that showed the Japanese to be extremely honest people (yet highly
    ciritical of themselves).

    Most memorable points of the movie:
    - the women screaming into the well
    - when the old men die
    - watching the girl beg for money to buy a replacement bowl
    - the humility as the doctor begs forgiveness from red beard for being
    a prat
    - girl falling asleep reading (It's the scene that says "Ange")
    - boy telling his story and the old woman overhears and cries
    - when the boy says he is going away
    - old woman saving rice by telling the other women they eat too much
    - when all the old women chase away the painted bitch and throw french
    sticks at her

    Yeah, okay so only people who have seen it will have any idea what I'm
    on about. But it's a bloody excellent movie and you all should watch it,

    Posted at 2:26 AM #

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