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     Saturday, January 31, 2004

    Cocktail Party for Margit
    Well Margit's cocktail party last night was a huge success. I have now tried some rather obscure combinations of grog. :)
    Plus I came out of the night thinking maccas was still a crap idea! Excellent! Alice accidentally tried a few too many drinks and got pissed for the second time ever. She's going to wake up in her new house with nothing set up and be thankful that Damien is there to help her through.. If anyone knows how to cook and get over a hangover without any food or drink in the house.. and without knowing where all yor stuff is.. it'll be Damien. And Phoebe took about 100 photos so we're all hoping they end up on a website soon so we can steal them. Yay!

    Posted at 11:37 PM # | Comments

    Busy Day
    Breakfast with Alasdair, Diana, Jason and Ali at T-Bar in the markets.. Coffee in Bean Bar by myself for an hour.. I built a wall for a new fringe club on Pulteney Street (where UQ2 was).. Then went to a board meeting for Folk Fed to see what to do about our office co-ordinator resigning.. then went to the monthly FUCS meeting and chatted about repertoire for this year.. then bolted home and made a Puttanesca for Ali and Jason.. then off to Margit's Cocktail party. Excellent. I love being busy. Plus, I did the whole day on bike. Nice day for it. :)

    Posted at 8:42 AM # | Comments

     Friday, January 30, 2004

    Ghadzlife Cool. A blog written in French. I'm sure there's a lot of them around.. but this is the first I've seen, okay? :P

    Posted at 9:53 AM # | Comments

    Friday Five
    Friday Five. You have just won one million dollars:

    1. Who do you call first?

    Alasdair. We'd have to go out and celebrate. :)

    2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

    Martini! Oh you mean big things :) Er, a swanky new dress and shoes.

    3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

    It'd be for Alasdair.. probably a car. Whatever Peugot or BMW he most recently drooled at.

    4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

    Charity? Friends? Wilderness preservation.

    5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

    Invest enough of it that you can have $50,000 per year in interest.. and live off the interest. :) Then you'd know that you were only working because you wanted to and not because you had to. Plus you'd be set for life.

    Posted at 9:37 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, January 29, 2004

    Well I got enrolled this morning. Not very exciting but I'm glad it's done. More ACCU training.. blah. I think I'm getting a cold.

    Posted at 8:25 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, January 28, 2004

    I got my phone!

    Posted at 10:03 PM #

     Tuesday, January 27, 2004

    First day at ACCU
    Well, the first day of training went alright.. I actually get paid tomorrow. :) Sweet. And tonight I get to watch free movies with AUCS in colley reserve. All good.

    Posted at 9:16 AM # | Comments

     Monday, January 26, 2004

    Fishy Fishy Fishy FISH!
    Yum. Just cooked up an excellent dinner.. salmon and salsa for entree and a huge stir fry with prawns, soba noodles and a tonne of veggies for mains.. then we watched Terminator 3. Excellent. :)

    Posted at 12:26 PM # | Comments

    Public Holidays are Boring!!
    It's actually frustrating to have the entire day off when there is NOTHING to do. No shops open.. the gym is only open for a few hours.. etc etc.
    At least I had a house to clean up after the Hottest 100 party yesterday. :)

    Posted at 3:07 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, January 25, 2004

    Hottest 100 party rocked
    Well the hottest 100 party followed directly by skyshow was pretty cool. My house is now trashed so at least I have something to do on this Public Holiday. :)

    Posted at 9:53 PM # | Comments

     Saturday, January 24, 2004

    Oops I got a bit Pissed last night...
    Aargh. Pirate Party. We took rum. I don't like rum much. I wasn't planning on drinking much of it. I *didn't* drink much of it. I did, however, drink most of Mike's Vodka. Ergh. Sorry Michael. I am paying for it now. Blergh.

    Posted at 11:42 PM # | Comments

     Friday, January 23, 2004

    Happy Tree Friends
    Happy Tree Friends Oh Wow. This is pretty scary. :)

    Posted at 8:30 AM # | Comments

    Great Moments in Science - Radioactive Boy Scout
    Great Moments in Science - Radioactive Boy Scout. Obviously I wasted My childhood... when I could've been getting up to THIS :)

    Posted at 8:18 AM # | Comments

    Possibly my last day at BASS
    Since BASS still have no idea whether they will take me back after my training at ACCU this was possibly my last day working at BASS.
    I think it highly likely that they'll still be fine with me working there after my training, though. Everything is up in the air at the moment down there. :) People leaving all over the place. It'd be a shame to not keep that job. I really love working in the arts. And it's the closest thing to Event Management that I've been paid to do so far. :) Even though It's nothing like Event Management. Although with subjects like "Booking Tickets over the phone" at TAFE obviously someone thinks it is. Haha. TAFE will be scary.

    Posted at 8:07 AM # | Comments

    I got my T610 ordered!
    Yay! Finally a new phone. I should receive it in about a week. Woohoo!

    Posted at 8:05 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, January 21, 2004

    Pie In The Sky Award outrageous financial schemes on FIDO
    Pie In The Sky Award outrageous financial schemes on FIDO It speaks for itself. Quite funny. :)

    Posted at 9:41 PM # | Comments

    Welcome to Sara Lee Bakery (Australia)
    Welcome to Sara Lee Bakery (Australia) Since Alasdair and I eat a lot of Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate Icecream it's only natural that we enter the competitions to go overseas just for eating icecream. :) One entry just went in for Switzerland.

    Posted at 9:36 PM # | Comments

    Alasdair Snores
    After listening to Alasdair snoring all night I decided to get up.. As I leave the room he rolls over onto his side and stops snoring. *grumble*

    Posted at 9:25 PM # | Comments

    I'm sick of not having money
    It's payday but all my money is gone. Bills add up to the same as what I'm earning. Thankfully, I now have work at ACCU. This will give me lots more hours. Yay!

    Posted at 11:30 AM # | Comments - Movies : Films : Back to the Future : Huey Lewis and the News - Movies : Films : Back to the Future : Huey Lewis and the News
    Okay, this is something I didn't know about Back to the future :)

    Posted at 10:59 AM # | Comments

    the friday five
    the friday five I have to get around to this on Fridays.

    Posted at 10:53 AM # | Comments

    Well, it look like it's not long before Tom and Celia get together another choir for Thursdays. This will probably involve most of the people from Flight so it should be pretty good. :)
    I'm not at AUCS today as the repertoire is all stuff I've done before and I was bored last week. I want to do the Fringe gig, but I can't handle being bored for hours on end. Especially when my job is boring too. Bah. next concert. Or maybe I'll feel like going next week. I don't know. I'm on my period. I don't care. I don't actually have a clue.

    Posted at 10:40 AM # | Comments

    Re: [choral-chat] Furniture, actual grown up, not made of milkcrates
    King Furniture. I think I like these couches. Michael Pearson's comment does scare me a bit though:

    Aaargh! No! Next it will be interior decorators and tupperware parties and Ikea can openers with names like "Scuuble" and friends coupling off and bringing their screaming babies around and worrying about your mortgage and "What's on TV, love? Is that nice show with Ray on?" and football on Sundays and "There's just so many young kids in the choir these days, they make such an awful racket" and "A little bit of warble isn't bad, surely?" and not going to the pub any more and no more outings on weekends because you just don't do that sort of thing any more and the slow little deaths and compromising rather than arguing and friendly frequent visits from relatives and buying a small, quiet dog that doesn't worry the visitors and drinking plonk from real wine glasses, right, not those bloody ones you got from K-Mart and and and and!

    Posted at 10:04 AM # | Comments

     Tuesday, January 20, 2004

    Another Payday.. Another pile of bills to pay. I've heard this only stops when you die. :(

    Posted at 10:13 PM # | Comments | weblog | An illustration of spam...
    Unrelenting Massive C*cks Destroy Innocent Pussies!. This is special. :) I actually found the link on DramaQueen's Site.

    Posted at 10:37 AM # | Comments

    Funky Things to do with Electricity
    Funky Things to do with Electricity. This is really cool.

    Posted at 9:18 AM # | Comments

    Response about Blogger Pro
    From Support:
    Unfortunately we are no longer offering Blogger Pro upgrades. We have rolled out many of the Pro features as free features for our Blogger users now. We have reserved certain features such as RSS and mail-to-Blogger for Pro users who were subscribed before the giveaway. We cannot give an ETA when these features will be available to all our users.

    Posted at 8:51 AM # | Comments

     Monday, January 19, 2004

    Site all set up!
    Yay! Now that I have a password to my own account I have set up the internode webspace to have the text of some of my old page while using the template style of my blog. So what if you jump from place to place.. it all looks like it matches. :)

    Posted at 11:42 PM # | Comments

    I got the Australian Central Job!!
    I got the Australian Central Job!! Now I just have to work out how to do BASS and ACCU and TAFE all at once. :) Eeek! This is going to be very full on for the next 3 weeks while I am in training for ACCU and just starting TAFE.

    Posted at 8:10 AM # | Comments

     Sunday, January 18, 2004

    Last night Jason made Ali, Alasdair and I the nicest seafood soup. So now I've tried baby octopus!! It has the strangest texture. :)
    Also today is going to be 35 degrees! And I'm working all day :(

    Posted at 10:18 PM #

    My boy is alive
    he crashed at a friends. yay. wish he'd not let his phone go flat though. :P

    Posted at 4:20 AM # | Comments

    old pages
    I just prettied up the old pages I wanted to keep. So I'll get them hosted elsewhere but they'll look like they belong. sweet. :) Now I am officially late to get to the Folk Fed and do Fringe Stuff. Whoops!

    Posted at 12:43 AM # | Comments

     Saturday, January 17, 2004

    old website
    I'm trying to work out how I can incorporate the bits of my old website that I liked into this blog without it looking fugly.. I don't know. Maybe I should cut and paste the text as blog entries??!? Nah that's a crap solution. Keeping the template of this blog and putting all the text in as a new page and adding a link to it at the top. Seems the best way. Sorry! Just talking to myself.

    Posted at 11:39 PM # | Comments

    w w w . i s h k u r . c o m
    w w w . i s h k u r . c o m Oh wow. I forgot about this page after it died for a while. This rocks.

    Posted at 10:55 PM # | Comments Hehe. Jason played badgers on the big screen at the scout jamboree!!

    Posted at 10:45 PM # | Comments

    Linus is Dunked at
    Linus is Dunked at Go LCA. :)

    Posted at 10:40 PM # | Comments

    My boy hasn't come home from Schutzenfest. I hope he just crashed at Andy's or something. I hope he didn't get pissed and ride his bike home and end up squished somewhere.

    Posted at 10:32 PM # | Comments

    She's Got A Chicken To Ride
    She's Got A Chicken To Ride. Oh god. This has to be the best Mondygrene ever! Beats "kiss this guy". :)

    Posted at 12:06 PM # | Comments

    Punk Kittens - They ROCK!
    Punk Kittens
    Bwahaha! I like the crowd surfing kitten!

    Posted at 12:01 PM # | Comments

    They Might Be Giants - Flood - Lyrics: Dead
    I was just listening to "Dead" and mulling over how much I love the lyrics. :)

    Posted at 11:08 AM # | Comments

    I really am dribbling a lot today.. but I thought I'd have a quick rant about Schutzenfest. It really has lost all it's German charm and gone the way of the beer-fest, hasn't it?
    Do any Germans go? It gets more expensive every year.. we can't even use glass steins any more! Why? Because people get pissed and break them. *sigh* It used to be fun.. I suppose I am part of the generation that changed it into a beer-fest. But I do think it's sad. Beer-fest has its charm too.. but it has come at the expense of a good German festival. It's been commonly known as Shitzenfaced for a while now.. Why not just have a BBQ and get pissed in a park closer to home with a bunch of your friends? At least you don't wait in a line for ages, spend a fortune getting into the park, buying things to drink out of, buying sausages and beer.. finding place to sit. I suppose some of the entertainment at Schutzenfest is still novel and German. But that is mainly throughout the day. In the evening it is pretty much any old entertainment. The needs of the public attending the festival have now watered down the festival spirit so far that it is barely recognisable from any other festival. People remember the steins and the German sausages with Saurkreut. As you can guess I am not at the festival today. Alasdair is. A part of me wants to go because it is still fun. A part of me says it is too expensive and to forget it cause it's not really a German festival anymore (besides I have a party to go to tonight). Another part of me has just remembered why I decided to take up Event Management as a career. :)

    Posted at 7:04 AM # | Comments

    Missi Sunshine's Silver Lining
    Missi Sunshine's Silver Lining is a really interesting read. She's in high school. She's obviously bored a lot of the time :) but she comes up with so many weird things to blog about.

    Posted at 6:40 AM # | Comments

    Microsoft fires worker over weblog
    Microsoft fires worker over weblog Well that should tell us to be kind to our employer's confidentiality agreements.. :)

    Posted at 6:30 AM # | Comments

    How To Get A Book Deal With Your Blog
    BLOGGER - Knowledge Base�-�How To Get A Book Deal With Your Blog

    Hey this is pretty funky stuff. I shall have to write more and more and more..

    Posted at 6:27 AM # | Comments

    I wanna blog by email...
    BLOGGER - Knowledge Base�-�How do I post via email?

    I have blogmail set up on my palm.. I'll have a Sony-Ericsson T610 soon.. I know.. I'm going to have to bite it and pay for blogger pro.. when they offer it (or something like it) again. Currently this is the situation. *grumble* I've written to them asking to at least say when it will be offerred again.

    Posted at 6:23 AM # | Comments

    Mmmm... Time versus study and jobs
    After a quick morning's work I now have the whole afternoon free and a party to go to tonight. Excellent. :)
    I'm considering going shopping and having people around for dinner. I love this spare time thing. Better use it before I find myself studying and keeping down two jobs :)
    I got my place in Event Management.. this was pretty much a given but I didn't know for sure until Wednesday's paper. There hasn't been a lot of hours at BASS lately and they say it will taper off come March so I applied at Australian Central Credit Union. I possibly have a job there (will know soon). This will make for super stress in the next month when I am expected to do training at ACCU and start my TAFE course at the same time.. while still working for BASS. it will all come good after a month of hell.. hopefully. :)
    Ah, but where would i be without stress? If I don't go for it I will be studying with practically no income in one month.. can't have that.

    Posted at 5:08 AM # | Comments

     Friday, January 16, 2004

    Funny Quote
    "All the people I know called Alasdair have different names" - Wilkins

    Posted at 10:56 AM # | Comments

     Wednesday, January 14, 2004

    Things are Good
    I have a joint account with the boy... I've been going to the gym pretty much every day.. I'm riding again.. I have ADSL and a whole new stack of mp3's to listen to.. and I'm about to go out for free pizza. Things are good. :)

    Posted at 3:18 AM # | Comments

     Monday, January 12, 2004

    Woohoo! Now we have adsl.. we are happy little chickys. :)

    Posted at 8:38 AM # | Comments

     Thursday, January 08, 2004

    New Years Resolutions
    My New Years Resolutions were wide and varied.. one of them I have managed to stick to every day so far. I've been at the gym (mainly with Jason) every day since New Years. Call out to all Zest members.. come join us!

    Posted at 9:04 PM #

    New House!!
    We're all moved in to our new house now. dealing with dialup is not fun.. and we'll have to do that for a while yet. :( oh well. I get to see the boy more than once a week! yay! My poor baby cat is going to live with Adrian for a while though as we can't have cats at the new house. *sob* At least she knows the house, Sparky (the other cat) and Adrian. Adrian says she can stay until Sparky dies. Then he wants to go cat free. The life of no cat fur is definitely appealing. But life with no cat is sad. I miss my cat.

    Posted at 1:34 PM # | Comments

     Friday, January 02, 2004

    More Moving
    I should pull my computer to bits and move it now. Back to modem internet for a while... Until we get ADSL in the new house.

    Posted at 8:54 PM # | Comments

     Thursday, January 01, 2004

    Boxes and Moving
    More moving tonight. Tired now. *Splat*
    We're nearly done. Saturday we will move the furniture and it will be all good. I hate this between houses limbo land.

    Posted at 1:23 PM # | Comments

    Moscow! Moscow!
    Thanks to the Perestroika gig the other night I have chased up the Moscow! Moscow! Song Lyrics because it's been stuck in my head ever since! I also ripped an mp3 of it from Adrian's cd collection. Moscow! Moscow! La la-la la la la lah! La la-la la la la lah! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Hey!

    Posted at 10:46 AM # | Comments

    Rubix Cube Solver - Made with Lego!
    JP Brown's Serious LEGO - CubeSolver
    I remember seeing this years ago.. I love it!

    Posted at 10:11 AM # | Comments

    Weebl and Bob
    Weebl and Bob Sarah showed me this ages ago but I forgot what it was called.. only now when I am reminiscing about badgers do I find it again.. Check out the episode about cheese that explains why they talk funny :)

    Posted at 9:10 AM # | Comments

    Happy New Year!
    Well, I had a laid back party in Victor with a handful of choristers from about the place. It was pretty good. Lots of puzzles. Now it's back to packing for those of us planning to move on Saturday and having to work tomorrow. *sigh*

    Posted at 8:47 AM # | Comments