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     Wednesday, January 21, 2004

    Re: [choral-chat] Furniture, actual grown up, not made of milkcrates
    King Furniture. I think I like these couches. Michael Pearson's comment does scare me a bit though:

    Aaargh! No! Next it will be interior decorators and tupperware parties and Ikea can openers with names like "Scuuble" and friends coupling off and bringing their screaming babies around and worrying about your mortgage and "What's on TV, love? Is that nice show with Ray on?" and football on Sundays and "There's just so many young kids in the choir these days, they make such an awful racket" and "A little bit of warble isn't bad, surely?" and not going to the pub any more and no more outings on weekends because you just don't do that sort of thing any more and the slow little deaths and compromising rather than arguing and friendly frequent visits from relatives and buying a small, quiet dog that doesn't worry the visitors and drinking plonk from real wine glasses, right, not those bloody ones you got from K-Mart and and and and!

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