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     Saturday, January 17, 2004

    I really am dribbling a lot today.. but I thought I'd have a quick rant about Schutzenfest. It really has lost all it's German charm and gone the way of the beer-fest, hasn't it?
    Do any Germans go? It gets more expensive every year.. we can't even use glass steins any more! Why? Because people get pissed and break them. *sigh* It used to be fun.. I suppose I am part of the generation that changed it into a beer-fest. But I do think it's sad. Beer-fest has its charm too.. but it has come at the expense of a good German festival. It's been commonly known as Shitzenfaced for a while now.. Why not just have a BBQ and get pissed in a park closer to home with a bunch of your friends? At least you don't wait in a line for ages, spend a fortune getting into the park, buying things to drink out of, buying sausages and beer.. finding place to sit. I suppose some of the entertainment at Schutzenfest is still novel and German. But that is mainly throughout the day. In the evening it is pretty much any old entertainment. The needs of the public attending the festival have now watered down the festival spirit so far that it is barely recognisable from any other festival. People remember the steins and the German sausages with Saurkreut. As you can guess I am not at the festival today. Alasdair is. A part of me wants to go because it is still fun. A part of me says it is too expensive and to forget it cause it's not really a German festival anymore (besides I have a party to go to tonight). Another part of me has just remembered why I decided to take up Event Management as a career. :)

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