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     Saturday, January 17, 2004

    Mmmm... Time versus study and jobs
    After a quick morning's work I now have the whole afternoon free and a party to go to tonight. Excellent. :)
    I'm considering going shopping and having people around for dinner. I love this spare time thing. Better use it before I find myself studying and keeping down two jobs :)
    I got my place in Event Management.. this was pretty much a given but I didn't know for sure until Wednesday's paper. There hasn't been a lot of hours at BASS lately and they say it will taper off come March so I applied at Australian Central Credit Union. I possibly have a job there (will know soon). This will make for super stress in the next month when I am expected to do training at ACCU and start my TAFE course at the same time.. while still working for BASS. it will all come good after a month of hell.. hopefully. :)
    Ah, but where would i be without stress? If I don't go for it I will be studying with practically no income in one month.. can't have that.

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