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     Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 06:56 New year's resolution: I'm going to cook more dishes from my favourite foodie cultures until I can do it without resorting to a cookbook. #
    • 07:41 Hmm. Two days in a row where my first cup of tea for the day had to be reheated before I'd even taken a sip. #
    • 10:10 Woohoo! I finally got that tricksy CS2 InDesign script to work properly in CS4. Win! Now I can do real work. #
    • 10:59 Terry Pratchett and Robert Plant have been knighted!!!!! #
    • 11:01 It's ironic how many exclamation marks that took to share *hides* #
    • 14:17 OMG I just realised how easy it is to find things you vaguely remember looking at if you subscribe to your own Friendfeed in Google Reader. #
    • 17:38 I've been watching LiveStation Web TV and I seriously love it. I can has Aussie TV! And other cool stuff - Free! #
    • 17:41 (Not that I ever really watched TV much, but it's nice to know that I can. Especially since I'll be at home a lot by myself) #
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     Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 06:57 I think we need to protect the "Social Media Specialist" title from use by SEO spammers, like Engineers protect their title. #
    • 14:11 Just had mini sandwiches with chicken, camembert and grilled eggplant, capsicum and mushroom. My mouth loves me. *bliss* #
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     Monday, December 29, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 05:15 I'm awake early, ready to do some work, while Bruce is still up late playing portal. He wins. #
    • 06:44 My food porn addiction is getting out of hand. I've just subscribed to a whole heap of food tumblrs to get more pretties. Oh so good. #
    • 07:16 Okay, the best food tumblrs I found were: meganom, food-porn and foodfight. Then I decided to make a food tumblr too: smange. Nom! #
    • 14:42 I wish I didn't have to document and write essays on the news at the moment. It's just all too depressing. :( #
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    I know. It's just about food with me
    A week or so ago I made an excellent discovery while playing with Google Reader. I realised that if you subscribe to a lot of food porn, then searching Google Reader for the key ingredients you have (or want to use) will leave you with a selection of tasty recipes by your favourite food bloggers. It's the power of Google limited to just the authors you trust to write a decent recipe. Too good to not use, really.

    Today, after lusting after a little too much food porn, I decided that (although awesome) just wasn't the best place to be keeping recipes. I'll still keep them there, but I wanted to make the recipe hunting experience more visual. I also wanted my recipes and other food-lust moments together in a single feed of droolworthiness. Not least, so I can subscribe to it myself and find my favourite recipes when I search Google Reader.

    I had created a tumblr blog a while ago, but didn't know what I wanted to use it for. And now I do: Food food food! Here's my new food lust Tumblr.

    PS. If you're a friend of mine and you just want to subscribe to a feed of everything I do, then subscribe to this one created by my Friendfeed.

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     Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 11:29 I'm betting gets bought out by Twitter real soon now. #
    • 12:56 It's SO cold. I officially didn't wear a thick enough pair of socks to the market and nearly lost my toes. Cold water never felt so warm! #
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     Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 14:29 I just got an email to say my cat's doing great with her new owner. I'm both happy and sad all of a sudden. #
    • 18:41 I'm sick of blog posts that want you to click through 20-odd "next" links to see the full article. Your tactics stink. No link-love from me. #
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     Friday, December 26, 2008

    Daily Tweets
    • 12:11 Bring on that Dr Who Christmas special!! *gets a teensy bit too excited* #
    • 12:51 Dear Google, How many times do I have to set my default language to English before you associate it with my account? Screw cookies. #
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     Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Souvenirs from Earth
    Some very sensible people suggested that Bruce and I watch a lot of TV while we are in France so that we get used to the language. We're not usually TV watchers, but we thought we'd give it a go. French pay TV is pretty awesome. We've found several channels that seem to play all our favourite stuff, plus a few other really excellent gems. Our current favourite is the extremely art-house "Souvenirs from Earth". This is what happens when someone gets a great idea for art, scores some funding and asks anyone and everyone for submissions. The result is fierce competition between artists and some fantastic TV viewing. I'm seriously considering buying the DVD.

    Basically, watching this show is like watching Rage with a chillout/arthouse special on. All day every day.

    I'm thinking that the arty friends of mine should at least try and badger Channel 31 into letting them do something similar with a few hours in the evenings.

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