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     Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Souvenirs from Earth
    Some very sensible people suggested that Bruce and I watch a lot of TV while we are in France so that we get used to the language. We're not usually TV watchers, but we thought we'd give it a go. French pay TV is pretty awesome. We've found several channels that seem to play all our favourite stuff, plus a few other really excellent gems. Our current favourite is the extremely art-house "Souvenirs from Earth". This is what happens when someone gets a great idea for art, scores some funding and asks anyone and everyone for submissions. The result is fierce competition between artists and some fantastic TV viewing. I'm seriously considering buying the DVD.

    Basically, watching this show is like watching Rage with a chillout/arthouse special on. All day every day.

    I'm thinking that the arty friends of mine should at least try and badger Channel 31 into letting them do something similar with a few hours in the evenings.

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