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     Monday, July 05, 2010

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:41 @pressdarling Thanks for that! *dances and sings* You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals... #
    • 10:10 @jeamland That's a horrible idea. Please don't listen to them... #
    • 10:13 If you say to yourself "I'll just finish this bit and then I'll plug it in" often enough, your laptop will go flat. #iamaloser #
    • 10:40 @DanielOCnr Nope. But Wordpress kindly saved it for me, so no big deal. #
    • 10:41 @jeamland But they still make me stabby. #
    • 11:56 @jeamland Use a container div around both divs? #
    • 11:57 @DanielOCnr You save a lot of people's asses, don't you? :) #
    • 11:58 @jasonbstanding Oh I was far too distracted for that. Besides, the power source was RIGHT NEXT TO ME. :) #
    • 12:03 @jeamland Is your layout not compatible with fluid heights? Outer div to height 80% (or whatever), inner divs to 100%. #
    • 12:04 @jeamland Oh sorry, yeah the outside one needs to be fixed. Doh. #
    • 12:31 @rememberthemilk My tasks have all disappeared! You guys having issues generally or am I the only lucky one? #
    • 15:55 One day I might have to do my clothes washing while naked so that I can finally say it's all done. #
    • 15:59 @verified - You'll want to update the Aussie leader to be @JuliaGillard rather than @kevinruddpm #
    • 17:52 @MyklH That could be a little embarrassing. :) #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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