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     Sunday, May 30, 2010

    Daily Tweets
    • 23:32 Isn't anyone going to vote for the butterflies? That was the best Eurovision costume change ever! #eurovision #
    • 23:42 Eurovision is proving that people pretending to be cute English girls are more popular than English girls. #eurovision #
    • 23:44 God it would be fun to dissect the political votes and year-by-year fashion votes. #eurovision Must. Mine. Data. #
    • 00:06 Morticia! #eurovision #
    • 00:12 So, is it just me who thinks the announcer looks like Judith Lucy? #eurovision #
    • 00:13 Guess I'll be trying to make a trip to Germany next year. #eurovision #
    • 00:17 Haha. What has she taken? This performance should be fun. Eep! Wouldn't want to be her right now. #eurovision #
    • 00:19 Ah - It's live. :D #eurovision #
    • 00:24 The poor girl. She'll to wake up tomorrow, blearily thinking "We won" and 5 minutes later she'll go "Argh - I sang twice!!" #eurovision #
    • 00:26 But amazingly, she actually sang quite well. #eurovision #
    • 09:04 Well done with this year's show, @eurovisionteam. I had a ball watching last night. #eurovision #
    • 09:17 @milkred Yeah. Serbia's act is great. I thought their mix of traditional sounds and new was fantastic. #eurovision #
    • 11:30 Here goes Australia's turn at #eurovision - yay! #
    • 11:47 Been searching, but no luck. Anyone know how I can watch the SBS Eurovision broadcast online? #eurovision #australia #
    • 11:50 @sbseurovision Oh, that makes me sad. Wanted to re-watch it at the same time as the Australians. :( #eurovision #sbseurovision #
    • 13:07 @pink_soprano Which act? France???? #
    • 13:09 @pink_soprano Oh.. Romania. The rubber suit and flamethrowers. :) #
    • 13:16 @pink_soprano I don't even want to think about how wrong that comment is. But don't you love it when your typos get retweeted like mad? :P #
    • 13:17 @NickHodge I thought the camera guys just got busted being distracted. #
    • 13:23 @ministerofgeek Oh. That link you send before didn't work. But does. Thanks!!! #
    • 13:41 Love it. During the live show no-one mentioned Israel. Australian's all tweeting "Israel's in Europe?" #eurovision #sbseurovision #
    • 13:43 France: Bonne fete des mères! #
    • 18:29 @jasonbstanding I'm still knackered from our December trip. :D #
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