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     Saturday, May 29, 2010

    Daily Tweets
    • 08:47 I must have accidentally told my iPod alarm clock to start again. Very creepy. #
    • 21:10 Okay, one computer running Eurovision. Two people with laptops on the couch. Drinks prepped. Yay! #eurovision #
    • 21:12 Half a glove? #eurovision #
    • 21:17 Has the song got anything to do with clowns or is this just art? #eurovision #
    • 21:20 Where's the rest of the boy band? #eurovision #
    • 21:24 Rave violin! Um, is it just me or this like the new Roxette? #eurovision #
    • 21:32 For a moment there I thought the girls were going to break in to "Simply Irresistable" #eurovision #
    • 21:42 I think the announcer has forgotten that Australians are mostly asleep right now and will watch a delayed show Sunday evening. #eurovision #
    • 21:45 Whey-hey! Butterflies! #eurovision #
    • 21:51 @chris_stevenson We just compared - Octoshape version is way way way better. #
    • 21:52 Bruce Willis comes from Greece? #eurovision #
    • 21:53 Norway may have won with a violin, but we have a one-of-these! #eurovision #
    • 21:56 I'm so sick of people singing in English already. Oh wait. It's England. #eurovision #
    • 21:57 Oh I get it. They're selling shirt dye. Look - here's one we half-dyed earlier. #eurovision #
    • 21:59 Oh god. Australians. I feel your pain (in advance). The Terry Wogan replacement ISN'T DRINKING. #eurovision #
    • 22:08 Okay. So, the robot angle grinder person is actually a hot woman in a mask. I totally get why they did that. #eurovision #
    • 22:09 Albania has a Roisin Murphy clone! #eurovision. Hah - and rock violin. That was last year! #eurovision #
    • 22:10 @chris_stevenson Take a drink for every key change, outfit change and fireworks. It'll get better. Promise. :) #
    • 22:14 Iceland didn't want to waste any of the material, I see. #eurovision #
    • 22:15 @chris_stevenson Thanks. I needed that wine coming out of my nose. :) #
    • 22:17 Ukraine wins the Twilight vote. And, well, anyone that likes cute gothlike girls. #eurovision #
    • 22:23 @thornae Stealing my comments because I say them instead of tweeting them. Hmph. :P #
    • 22:26 She had to stick her hand up so we knew it was a high note? OMG. Who is playing the raver piano now?? #eurovision #
    • 22:31 Oh Iceland. I love your volcano. #eurovision #
    • 22:51 Re: Fattism in regards to some acts. Want to clarify: With Iceland I meant that they all used way too much material. #Eurovision. #
    • 22:53 Those poor entrants from Spain had to keep that gear and makeup on this whole time. #eurovision #
    • 22:57 This year I can vote! Last year we didn't know the phone number. This year a ustream feed has given us the French number. #eurovision #
    • 23:13 Aw, my votes failed. #eurovision #
    • 23:23 RT @newsworldtoday Eurovision contest gets under way #news <-- Um, yes. :) #
    • 23:24 So, that dancing was one serious bit of Euro-co-ordination. Bet that will feature in clubs across the world for a while. #eurovision #
    • 23:26 Wanted to vote for: Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Germany. But I hope France wins so I can go next year. #eurovision #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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