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     Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Daily Tweets
    • 13:12 The wind is pretty hefty here today. I fear for the small trees. #
    • 14:07 Finally Facebook is starting to make things consistent -> Facebook Upgrades Events, Integrates Wall Publisher #
    • 18:12 @jasonbreed #sm53 Agreed. If it's in relation to an event at the location, time is important. Would be fantastic for multi-venue festivals. #
    • 18:14 @barbchamberlain #sm53 It also means less time to forget the little details. You know, the ones professional writers ensure they write down. #
    • 18:24 @jaybaer #sm53 I'm sure it will impact directly on jobs soon enough. eg "The short waitress with the blonde streak was a bitch" = Fired. #
    • 18:26 @be3d #sm53 Yup. Special club is the trick for most venues and restaurants that succeed. Geotagging social media makes it even easier. #
    • 18:27 @EdHartigan #sm53 Love it. I check in... 5 mins later staff have a special treat ready for Smange, without knowing which customer I am. #
    • 18:28 @seancuthbertson #sm53 So true. Geotagging just got rid of many secret shopper jobs. #
    • 18:32 @FirefoxCares I realised it's not Firefox. It's the Remember The Milk Extension. Sorry for mis-blaming! #
    • 18:35 @glassesgeek #sm53 Wouldn't they be better off letting staff see a monitor of the latest 20 or so comments? Summary to exec later. #
    • 18:55 #sm53 Geotagging's about here and now. Venues need to offer a "Here #
    • 19:12 I didn't even realise that last tweet got halved. *sigh* Dinner time. #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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