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     Friday, May 15, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 12:28 Househunting is a continuous choice between paying too much, living in a hole and not getting a house at all. #
    • 13:51 @JDFirst Haven't studied French long. I did a bit at school, but no conversations. So, really only er, half a year? Roughly. #
    • 13:53 @jasonbstanding Yes, sadly. No more mansion. Owners are going to renovate and keep trying to sell. Seen some nice places, though. :) #
    • 13:54 @billythekid Oh, I don't want to think about that. Please no!! #
    • 16:47 @JDFirst If only baguettes and cheese were the key - I'd be fluent by now :) #
    • 16:51 The English may have invented the stuff, but the French now OWN Creme Anglais (the same way Johnny Cash now owns 'Hurt'). Custard, pfft. #
    • 17:30 @france_normandy It's more watery in a way that's far more stylish. In reality I love both, but I had some great Crème Anglais today. :) #
    • 17:32 @Rincewind42 Well, that's certainly the case in Australia - just expensive custard. And the French do seem to love it (and make it better). #
    • 17:34 @france_normandy You have all the great ideas.. #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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