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     Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 09:39 @CafraneInEurope You realise you're only an hour or so away from us? Where are you headed? #
    • 16:04 @robblatt Sounds a lot like this blog: - could be fun as a show. #
    • 16:22 @CafraneInEurope Completely the wrong direction. Oh well. Next time :) #
    • 16:45 I have French lessons leaking out of my ear. #
    • 17:35 @HiToYou @mrtrev Thanks, but I'm surrounded by fluent French speakers. That's kind of why I need to learn. :) #
    • 17:42 @Zeblue_Prime Pas du tout. Je le préfère quand les leçons demeurent dans ma tête. #
    • 17:45 @frak Well headphones tend to fire directly into the ear, so they arrived in my ear that way but never got into my brain, unfortunately. #
    • 18:58 @frak Brain gave up working. #
    • 18:59 @JDFirst I'm not fed up with it at all! There's just a limit to how much a brain can learn in one day. Eventually it just stops learning. :) #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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