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     Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 10:39 Sorting out real followers from spammers would be much easier if Twitter could show you bio/following/follower/amount of posts/recent posts. #
    • 10:40 I mean, the bio is shown on hover. Why not have that shown inline and have recent posts (Power Twitter-style) on hover? #
    • 10:42 .. Or maybe this is a job for Power Twitter?? (PS I hope Twitter eventually joins forces with PT) #
    • 11:12 @vampSaam Not really what I was thinking.. :) #
    • 12:22 @Gomisan I try to do the same, but my followers are increasing more rapidly than I have time to check them. It's daunting. #
    • 12:23 @DeathbyChii Okay, now you have to tell us about the bird. :P #
    • 14:19 @DeathbyChii Wow. I think you and @beyondomega really should be introduced. Bring on the crazy bird stories. :) #
    • 15:40 An unattended GPS in the hallway just woke up and told me to turn right after 80 metres. I wonder where it wants me to go.. o_0 #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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