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     Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 10:18 @timelady That's so awesome. I love teh intarwebs. #
    • 10:33 Oh god. People looking at the house this afternoon instead of Saturday. No notice! Time for a very quick cleanup!! #
    • 12:39 RT @codinghorror: Twenty years later, even in OS X, the Macintosh still has a little bit of a Swedish campground in it. #
    • 17:30 Wondering if I should unfollow celebrities and businesses who don't follow back (and instead add them as imaginary friends on Friendfeed). #
    • 17:45 @ikki_oo I was meaning more like the businesses/celebrities who don't follow anyone, since I know they're never going to reciprocate. #
    • 17:46 @ikki_oo Oh, and thanks! :D #
    • 17:54 @jasonbstanding The problem is I've hit the limit and can't follow anyone else. Plus, I will still get their content in FF. #
    • 17:57 Or maybe Twitter should reconsider the following/follower ratio limit now there are many businesses and celebrities that don't follow back. #
    • 18:13 @jasonbstanding I was quite happy with them not following me until Twitter stopped me from following anyone else. Now it's a problem. #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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