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     Monday, April 06, 2009

    Daily Tweets
    • 11:55 I'm really looking forward to having guests this weekend! #
    • 13:37 I've bought things I needed, exercised, got my iPod syncing again, eaten an awesome sandwich, made pizza dough and I'm now about to work. #
    • 17:48 The new Friendfeed is cool, but Friendfeed isn't very useful until more people join (imaginary friends = effort) #
    • 17:50 @jangles Heh, yes. New Friendfeed surprisingly looks a lot like Twitter. Why aren't SN web designers creative anymore? #
    • 20:30 The pizza that has just about finished cooking smells soooooo good. #
    • 21:48 Mmm. First time making pizza dough from scratch. It was awesome. There's no way I could screw that up more, yet it was fantastic. *beams* #
    • 22:40 @katykat Volunteer at the NFF - you meet awesome people. (PS Wine bars are the best jobs) #
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    Posted at 11:30 PM #

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