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     Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    Pondering blogging
    This blog is weird. Since it's just about me and whatever the hell I feel like talking about, things change pretty quickly and often it all revolves around the technology.

    I've managed to go through a lot of different eras of blogging. I occasionally did full blog posts throughout the whole process of evolution. I used to link a lot of interesting things (now on delicious, tumblr, DIGG, stumbleupon) using various funky bookmarklets. Some of those links were the impetus for some fully fledged posts, but they all look the same in retrospect.

    I tried adding pictures where they would chronologically go (Hmm. A photoblog. Now taken over by flickr). I blogged tickets to gigs. I emailed in posts from work. I auto-blogged links from delicious. Then there were lots and lots of very short posts just telling people something random (now on twitter, but brought here by magic for posterity).

    My whole blog could be summarised as me playing with random web shit, then realising that there is a better way to do it. Also, at various points in time this website has become my lifestream, but then I realised it would be better kept separate from that, as my lifestream is a sort of firehose.

    But somehow, even after realising this, it still seems right to add daily summaries of my twittering to my blog. The summaries aren't very long. And I probably write more in a day on twitter than I used to in months on this blog.

    Again, it all comes down to simplicity of technology. I can twitter from my phone using text - that means I can be anywhere in the world with phone access. I don't need internet or a computer - just a small amount of credit on my phone. I seriously LOVE technology.

    I'm sure if I could be bothered I could make this all more coherent. But I'm sure you get the gist. And I'm just pondering, there's no real value here. :)

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