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     Monday, March 23, 2009

    A day in the life..
    So, Saturday I decided to try another photography/blogging project. Every now and then I'll try to take a photo at hourly intervals during the day just to see how the day looks through the eyes of the camera once per hour. In retrospect, a lot of interesting photos were taken in between the hours, so just sticking to the hourly photo loses a bit of colour. We also did a lot of walking between photos, seeing quite a bit of Agen that didn't get recorded on the hour. But anyway..


    I was chilling, doing stuff on the laptop and generally enjoying the Saturday morning.


    I tried to wake Bruce up, somewhat unsuccessfully. I took a photo of Bruce sleeping, but since that's his natural state of being (and therefore not something new and exciting), I thought I'd take a photo of the art above the bed.


    I still hadn't managed to get Bruce out of the house, so this is a view of the back garden.


    Bruce is still getting ready. This Saturday morning thing and Bruce don't get along so well.


    There was no explanation on this statue at all.


    Bruce took me out to lunch :D


    Hanging out in the Sci-Fi section of a librairie (book shop). Note the book with my name on it..


    We had only just left the librairie - this is the street outside. It's possible that I made sure we left before 4pm just so I could take a photo outside.


    We desperately needed some groceries, so I left for a walk to the Hyper Casino almost as soon as we got back home.

    This is a view of the front of our house.


    Nearly home again. This is a street very close to our house where people bring their dogs to poo. Seriously.


    Gorgeous sunset.


    Easiest dinner in the world.. Baked potatoes.


    Photo of some stuff we bought at the librairie. We wound up watching 'Happy Feet' and not taking any more photos. BTW 'Happy Feet' is really cute and all kids should watch it.

    Well, that was my day summarised in photos and words. Nothing like living it, but better than not posting about it.

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