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     Monday, January 12, 2009

    We have found a house!
    We have the appointment Thursday to sign for the house and then we'll
    get keys on Friday or Monday. Woohoo!

    Our new house is in a small housing estate of similar houses, with a
    communal garden area and a pool. The place is really well maintained
    and looks quite nice. Apparently there is an Australian couple a few
    doors down, too. It's only a short walk from a new shopping district
    and a twice-weekly market. Not too far from Bruce's work, either
    (Bruce's bosses think it's forever away, but it's only a few
    kilometres, really).

    The actual house is a two bedroom, two storey town house. There's a
    garage (read place to store bikes and boxes of stuff from the
    shipping), decent sized lounge room, kitchen (has NOTHING in it except
    a sink, but we'll fix that), bathroom etc. There's a little private
    backyard with a place to put a table. It's all very new, well designed
    and clean. We have a 3-year lease, good landlord etc. It's all looking

    We're allowed to be here for now, but we need more documentation to be
    allowed to stay permanently. At least when we have a house and
    internet we will be able to research stuff easily, then I can dedicate
    a small amount of each day to negotiating the paperwork.

    There's a million years of historic bureaucracy that says Bruce needs
    a bunch of papers approved before he can work, even though technically
    he shouldn't anymore. Meh. It's paperwork we needed to do eventually
    anyway, but it's still annoying. We may have found a loophole to allow
    Bruce to work right now. At least then Bruce can start work while I
    keep hacking at our paperwork.

    The really annoying thing about French bureaucracy is that they've
    given local councils HUGE powers and then left them with confusing,
    conflicting rules (and no information on EU rules). Plus, they don't
    seem to have effective communication on changes in the rules. In the
    end we think our guarantee to stay here will depend on whether the
    people at the prefecture like us. *fingers crossed*

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