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     Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    I've been meaning to get around to some serious movie watching. This is the top of the list - Movies that both David and Margaret gave 5 stars. There's also a short(ish) list of movies I am terribly embarrassed to have not seen yet (or need to see again because it's been so long I hardly recall them): Movies I need to see in 2009.

    The next movies to tackle are movies rated 4 stars or above by David and Margaret, the 50 best dystopian films, top 100 Sci-Fi films, best indie films and the IMDB top 250 movies.

    I think once I've seen all of them I'll be doing pretty well. But then there's another, much bigger goal: 1001 movies you must see before you die. I can't believe how few of the movies I've seen. Bad!

    To watch the 2.5K or so movies already on my wishlist (which is in no way comprehensive) will take about 7 years at one a day or nearly 20 years with 2-3 a week, not counting movies I find in that 7-20 years that get added to the list! I need to get started!

    PS. Here be moar lists. I like lists. :D
    PPS. My reading list is just as scary. Eeep!

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