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     Monday, January 19, 2009

    One Photo

    As I'm not online a lot at the moment, picture updates have been few and far between. I've got a huge backlog of pics to get on to flickr (going back to September 2008, but mostly from this year). We're taking lots of pics of Agen and the family we're staying with. But, when I'm only online for minutes at a time, I can't really upload and organise piles of pics. So, they have to wait.

    On the other hand, I have managed to find time to upload a few pics ever few days. I started doing the Flickr 365 days project, which means that I'm taking one photo every day and putting it on Flickr with some sort of explanation as to why I took it. Some people swear that you should take pics only of yourself, while others swear that it will get boring very quickly if we all do that. Some people are also very picky about who clicks the button. I figure I didn't exactly sign up to any rules, so I'll do it my way. I'm planning on taking a photo that shows what makes that day unique for me. So, that means two things: to show what makes that day different to any other day I've lived; and to show what made my day different from everyone else's in the world. I'm also writing a little description with each photo so it makes sense to people who don't know me, since the pics are also being submitted to flickr groups.

    It's kind of interesting to do and sort of interesting to watch other people's posts too. It should also be a good record to look back on in years to come. Either way, here it is (or use rss). :D

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