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     Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Packing is over..
    Well, actually, the packing was done and out of the house by Monday, but we seem to have been pretty busy since then. It's a pretty full-on process. Normally when I move I just chuck stuff in garbage bags and throw it in the car. I'm not used to having to box everything up carefully, making sure nothing can move, documenting all the contents and translating into French. We also have a teensy, tiny house, and had to play box tetris in order to be able to walk around them. I wish that had been more exciting than it sounds. In fact, it was so agonising that we had to take photos of the process in order to vindicate our pain (honest). :)

    Packing Saga

    There's also plenty more photos to upload from the past month or so. Getting there slowly..

    We've now only got one month left in the country! So excited! We're having a casual farewell picnic in the park where we got married. 15th Nov from Midday onwards. We're bringing the keg of beer. BYO anything else you want. :)

    Where are we going? France. Why? Well, that was best explained here, even though that might be entirely out of date now.

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