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     Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Would anyone like a gorgeous cat?
    As previously mentioned here, Bruce and I really need to find a new house for Schroe.

    I'm doing the more specific post here because I don't want to spam everyone on the other blog. :)

    We need to find her a new home because we're moving to France and it's going to be traumatic and expensive ($1800) to take her. That said, if she doesn't have a new home in the next few weeks we need to set the wheels in motion to take her anyway because it takes a while to organise.

    So, these are the options:
    1) Someone adopts here (or promises to) before the end of September.
    2) We start (on the 1st Oct) getting her microchipped and given rabies shots, suck up the cost and take her anyway.

    She is a very cute 9 year old cat called Schrodinger.

    She is a very friendly cat who mainly stays inside. She is scared of new people and will probably hide inside most of the time until she gets comfortable. She LOVES attention from anyone and everyone. Once she gets used to you she'll happily sit on you if you don't look like you're going anywhere in a hurry. Or if you are doing something important involving a computer or reading. :)

    Generally, I just leave dry food (whiskas) and water out for her and she regulates herself. She'll let you know if her food bowl is looking a little empty. Occasionally, I give her some wet food and she loves me to bits for it. She'll always come running at the sound of a tin opening. Don't bother feeding her nice bits of meat because she'll only sniff it and leave it there.

    She can be an indoor-only cat if need be, but she is much happier if she can go outside when she likes. I don't think she'd like being outdoor-only very much. Also, if she's inside-only she really needs a scratching post. She likes free access through doors.. she gets a little stressed out if she gets stuck on the wrong side of one (which can be either side).

    When she goes outside she rarely ventures beyond her own backyard. I think somehow she understands that I have no control what goes on over the fence. She's scared of everything, so she won't go far. She has never been a real threat to wildlife. I've known her to catch a few mice and a rat before, but never a bird or other creature.

    Also, here's a reference given from a previous landlord regarding Schroe.

    This letter is to confirm that for an 18 month period during 2003 and 2004, Schroedinger and her owner Ms. Angela Randall boarded at my primary place of residence.  Schroedinger was fully house-trained and at no time did she defacate or urinate inside the house other than in her kitty-litter.  She did not damage or cause damage to any furniture in the house and confined her claw-sharpening to an appropriate scratching post.  Schroedinger shared the house with another elderly female cat, and while there were occasional personality clashes, these were not significant and did not disturb the sleep of either myself or Ms. Randall.

    In summary, Schroedinger is well-trained, intelligent and a good-natured cat and I would not hesitate to commend her to any home-owner.

    (Personal details ommitted for privacy)

    Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. I can guarantee she will hate all the vet visits and the plane flight to France, so if we can spare her from that then we will. Thanks!

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    Posted at 2:41 AM #

    You've got a cat with a reference. Brilliant! Does it have a CV as well?
    I have one question, which probably needs a big and long and difficult answer:

    Why France?
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