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     Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Weddings and Honeymoons and Babies - Oh My!
    The wedding was excellent. Bruce and I had a great time and it was pretty much exactly what we wanted. And - we GOT MARRIED! Not getting over that in a hurry. :)

    Here are a whole stack of photos from our wedding:

    Beth's Pics, Adria's Pics, David's Pics, Emma's Pics, John's Pics, Rachel's Pics and Allan's Pics.

    If you're a facebook person, keep an eye out for pics posted to the wedding event (cause some people actually bother putting them up there).

    And keep an eye out for pics tagged with me or with Bruce. And that should keep you all in sufficient photo goodness for a while.

    PS. Sorry if you've seen some of this post before - there's a little bit of cross-posting action happening.

    Then we went on honeymoon in McLaren Vale and had a most awesome time. Mostly, we sat around in a spa (we had a choice of two spas in our cabin) drinking wine and eating gourmet food or lounging about reading, rehearsing or watching sci-fi. We love our geekiness. :) It was only a couple of days, but it was brilliant.

    Since a few sneaky people gave us some money as wedding gifts (even though we said no presents) we thought we should invest in a digital camera so we can share our travels with all you lovely people. So, we have lots of honeymoon pics (which also double as "Oooh we have a camera - how does it work?" and "Really not sure what setting this should be on so I took 15 versions of the same photo" pics)!

    The edited collection of honeymoon pics are on Flickr and facebook.

    Well, we thought that was enough excitement for one week, but two of Bruce's sisters had other ideas and had babies within one day of each other! Bruce and I are now REALLY glad we bought a camera on our way to the honeymoon.

    On Thursday morning Alyssa Cara Firth was born to Heather and David. Bruce and I had the camera rolling a few hours later. Alyssa's best pics are here on flickr and facebook.

    Very late Friday night (only 36 hours after Alyssa was born) James Patrick Hall was born to Mhairi and Justin. Bruce and I met him at about 15 hours old and got him well and truly used to the life of a supermodel. Our best photos of James are here on flickr and facebook.

    Even that wasn't quite enough excitement for us, as the Fringe and Festival are now well and truly upon us. Bruce is now performing almost every night in As you like it. I've got a few Mediaeval Magic performances with Lumina, but I have even more shows booked to watch. Should be fun!

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