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     Sunday, January 13, 2008

    A year in the life of Ange & Bruce
    The crazy year of 2007:

    2007 was hectic to say the least. We crammed quite a bit of stuff into it! Throughout the year we went to many concerts and performances of all types, studied hard and worked hard. In between all that we also (somehow) managed to be involved in all sorts of other projects.

    We began the year living in the city and then slowly moved ourselves to our new place in Bowden. It's pretty small, but it's working out nicely for us. It's giving us a good reason to cull a lot of useless stuff we own (mostly Bruce's!).

    Bruce participated in a month long CMAX study in February. Ange took time out from running her business to come by during visiting hours and entertain him somewhat. Not long after the CMAX study finished we were both offered jobs we couldn't refuse just as we were taking a trip to Sydney. We both agreed to start work as soon as we got back. Bruce sneakily brought a ring along on the trip to Sydney and proposed to Ange when she least expected it.

    So, we got back from our Sydney-OMG-we-got-engaged trip and that's when all the craziness started. Bruce began work making soil moisture monitoring equipment at Sentek, while Ange started work as an editor and pseudo-geek at Jigsaw. Ange also began studying 'Internet Studies' through Curtin Uni, took up conducting the Adelaide Gay and Lesbian Qwire and continued to sing with Corinthians. Plus, it was March in Adelaide and that means festival, festival, festival! We didn't rest much.

    We managed to catch the smiling faces of a few of our friends and family at our engagement party in May but, due to the nature of these things, we both had one hundred two-minute conversations and then the night was over.

    In July we took a trip to Brisbane to participate in Brisbane IV for which Ange was an assistant conductor. We had a fantastic time and sang some fabulous stuff with a few hundred friends. Sickness was mandatory. Sleep, however, was negotiable so we didn't get much at all.

    In the months that followed Bruce was offered a promotion at Sentek. He is now the (only) tech support for the company. Meanwhile, Ange overloaded her studies, took on an extra day at work and started singing with another choir - Lumina!

    Bruce has returned to the world of acting by taking on "As you like it". Many bit-part roles have been combined into the one custom-made role of "Lord Bruce". The play is showing in the botanic gardens during the Fringe if you want to see "Lord Bruce" in action.

    It's also been a huge year for weddings and pregnancies of our friends and relatives. It seems like every other week something life-changing and exciting is happening to someone we know. We hope you are all enjoying (or will soon enjoy) your new partners and babies!

    In other news, Ange survived turning 30! (Ugh! - Ange.)

    Future Plans:

    The wedding is set for 11:30am 17th February, 2008 and invites are open to all of our friends and family. The plan is to have a very casual event with the formalities followed directly by a bring-your-own picnic reception that all guests are invited to stay for.

    Our long-term plan is still to head to Finland (Åland) in about March 2009, so we're busy learning Swedish, saving money and preparing things in anticipation. Visitors will be most welcome, especially if they bring Australian wine!

    We're both on Facebook if people want to keep track of us that way. It seems to be an easy way of getting to see random updates and photos of people, plus it's an awesome way to play scrabble. (Note, though, that Bruce only logs in once a month or so. If you're lucky.) Ange's blog still gets updated every now and then, too.

    Hopefully we will see all of you in the new year!

    Love to all,

    Ange & Bruce.

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