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     Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Exciting stuff!
    Bruce got a promotion! He's now the tech support guy at Sentek. The other guys is busy training him for the next two weeks and then he's it!

    I got asked to be a core member of Lumina, which is pretty exciting because they are VERY good. I wasn't expecting it at all either, since I only just started singing as an extra. I'm totally stoked!

    Wedding plans are progressing merrily. I've been trying on dresses and becoming extremely girly. I'm very, very scared that I am seriously considering spending a LOT on a dress. What the? I think there's a virus that engaged women get that makes them want to spend up big. It's scary, but it's fun. :)

    We also went to the show on Saturday and went on HEAPS of rides. It was actually fun. I swear it was because there were kids to play with. I had fun, anyway!

    Posted at 10:08 AM #

    Sentek? I'm pretty sure they used to be "the competition" when I worked at Agrilink...?

    At the risk of appearing cynical, I believe the spending virus you refer to is incurable - at least that's what most of my married colleagues seem to indicate.
    congrats on joining lumina!
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