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     Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Sucked in Angie..
    Last night was so much fun! Bruce and I went to see the Zombie Walk which was a good laugh. There were at least 50 zombies lurching up Rundle Street. We also saw some very traumatised people who had been walking the other way.

    We had a few hours before the Mal Webb gig so we stopped in to visit a friend in hospital and then went to Gouger Street for dinner. While eating, I saw Mal Webb outside so I went to check what time the gig started. Somehow, that resulted in Mal, Tim Bennett and I singing Baterz songs out on the street.

    We dawdle down to FAD for the gig and get there way too early. Start doing the last minute sms invites and Michael Gehling decides to come in. Michael turns up just as Mal starts the completely improvised piece where he gets an audience member to say something and then turns that into a song. I tried to point at the girl next to me and got dragged up myself.

    Since Mal had just finished talking about someone saying "My little sausage" in German I decided to say that. It was awful pronunciation but whatever :) Mal messed around with it and then did a little rap about a girl called Ange who didn't want to get on stage cause she knows what happens but she got dragged on anyway, so sucked in Angie. Tee hee!

    Oh god and I've just worked out where I've met Tim before. He's my brother's ex's new boyfriend. Heh!

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