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     Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Bruce and I got Engaged!

    Bruce and I are sitting at the park and he asks about what I'm wearing to Heather's wedding (a sister) at the end of the month. He pretends he is going to try to match his outfit to mine. I ponder a few dresses and then pretty much decide on the blue one I wore to my birthday party. Bruce is nodding and smiling.. and then pulls out a ring, grins and says "Do you think it would go with this?". Yes, yes, yes.. and yes! And actually it would go with the dress, too.

    SNEAKY BUGGER! This is an heirloom ring which he had his mother get out of storage especially. It's his great grandfather's tie pin which was turned into a ring for another great relative many, many years ago. And now it's an engagement ring! Squee!

    (That was an excerpt of the larger LJ post - Sorry to people reading both)

    I have written a huge post detailing our journey across Australia on LJ and the photos of the trip are in a Flickr set here.

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    Posted at 8:12 AM #

    Congratulations Ange :D I am very happy for you. linda in japan
    i was so much lamer when i proposed.

    but then l had announced to her housemate on the night we met that we'd marry. totally removes the surprise element.
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