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     Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    2006: A year in review
    These "Year in review" things always get posted out to family and friends about this time of year. I'm not much of a snail mailer so I'm just going to write one here.

    I've never actually written one of these either. Usually I think it's a bit strange to not hear from someone in a year and then receive a generic letter with all the interesting stuff that's grandmother friendly that's happened in said person's life this year. But whatever. They're interesting :)

    ------ Ange and Bruce: Our year in review -----------

    January began with Adelaide IV 2006 which was a large (About 170 choristers) choral festival which I convened. We sang African Sanctus and Israel in Egypt, the latter of which was performed in the Adelaide Festival Theatre. Personally, I liked African Sanctus best.

    Bruce and I actually started going out during the festival. We've known each other through choir and uni for about 10 years but all of a sudden we're more than friends. I think we temporarily scared a few people who have known both of us that long. Others took the news way too easily and we think they should have been a little more surprised.

    Speaking of surprises.. in June I organised a surprise party for Bruce's 32nd birthday. He had no idea whatsoever and was thoroughly shocked when he found out. He absolutely loved it.

    Both of us have moved house a bit this year. I'm currently living in town sharing with a friend. Bruce is about to move again in a week or so to a housing co-op that another friend already lives in. The BBQs will be a plenty.

    I spent five months working at Satisfac in the call centre, but it wasn't really what I wanted to do so I quit that and started my own business, Stage Left Event Management. The plan is to run events in Adelaide that are not just about fun but actually do the world some good. A side project for the business (that will eventually take over as the main project) is to design websites for community groups who need a hand running events.

    Another of my projects is which is becoming more popular and might eventually bring in a decent income itself. Getting passive income for sitting around blogging when I feel like it sounds great to me.

    The whole point to these online business structures is to aid us with another goal of ours: To move to Finland. We've currently got that penciled in for March 2008 but that could change. Basically, we want to learn Swedish (and hopefully Finnish too) before we go. And we don't want to go from Australian Summer to Finnish Winter so we thought we'd aim for a less harsh seasonal change.

    All in all, it has been a fantastic year!

    Posted at 5:27 AM #

    Happy New year Ange!

    Im in melbourne at Nats place for the Yambla st party.

    Hope you and Bruce have a really good time, and say hi to everyone for me.
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