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     Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Moving to Finland!
    Bruce and I have worked out where in Finland we'd like to move to. Which is really useful.. because the main language there is Swedish, not Finnish.. so we'd better learn that first, huh?

    Åland is really cool. They seem to have lots of cycling, canoeing, kayaking and festivals. The festival I'm most interested in is Rockoff which actually headlined with Lordi this year. How cool would it be to run a festival with Eurovision winners headlining?!? *drools*

    If you look at the map below, Åland is the island in the south west. Well, I say "island" when what I really mean is "about a million little islands".

    I've been doing virtual tours of Finland and finding out about hiking trails through bear country, scooter safaris, week long bike tours and horse riding tours. It's just so cool!!

    Oh. And they have a Moominworld. That rocks.

    Oh and this whole moving to Finland thing is a few years off yet. We have to learn Swedish to start with!

    Posted at 12:02 PM #

    I know a bunch of guys from Aland ! A friend of mine went there on exchange back in about 93. Apparently in the winter it gets so cold that the ocean freezes and you can skate from island to island ;)
    I know I did squeal when I read that.. but, seriously, why am I not surprised?

    Jason. Do you know EVERYONE? :P

    BTW.. put us in touch closer to the day, please!
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