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     Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Camping Rocked!

    Silly Campers
    Originally uploaded by Holly.

    The weekend was fantastic! Thanks for organising it Katie! Holly has put her pics up on Flickr and Katie has posted about the trip too. Still waiting on Briony's photos. I really need my own digital camera. I took a few crappy photos on my phone (of Bruce asleep on the ground next to Dale's dog, Africa), but they really suck.

    Kuitpo is gorgeous. Unfortunately, lots of people realised that so there were quite a few people at the campsite and we had one super stinky long drop between the lot of us. We went to Chookarloo (or Tjukarlu as it said on most of the signs) and it had the most gorgeous trees everywhere. It was also not far from a paddock full of cows, so it almost felt like you were camping in someone's back yard.. which is a little weird.

    Mat and Gemma lent us a whole lot of gear and Matt (Yes, different Matt) lent us hs car which saved us from not being able to go. Yay! Thanks guys! But, guess what we forgot? A hammer, a bucket (We had a sink, but that's really not much good for transporting water), an axe and a CAN OPENER!!

    Bruce and I got there well before anyone else (and their can openers) and we were pretty relaxed and cruisey by the time the others showed up. Katie, Dale, Briony, Damien and Annie did a fair bit of riding over the weekend but Bruce and I couldn't get our bikes down there, so we brought our hiking boots and walked a lot. I don't remember if Alie went riding or not. Katie brought Bocce balls, which kept people entertained. Other people, not me. I have no coordination. There was a yoga session at one point, too. We also played scrabble on Saturday afternoon with beer and burgers. Nice!

    It was really good to get to know Katie's crowd a little more. I've sort of seen them at parties but hardly chatted until now. Nice bunch of people. And I also got to fill Annie in on the goings on of her own flatmates (Osk, Emma and Ed). Poor girl. I hardly see them these days, but I know more about what they're doing than she does. I also got to catch up a bit on Holly's life and meet her new man, Nathan. Those two are pretty much all over each other.. they look happy. :)

    Bruce and I weren't around for the killer breakfast with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on Sunday as we'd eaten a pretty awesome breakfast of eggs and asparagus a little earlier and gone off walkabout. It has to be said though, that Katie's new boy, Dale, is bloody organised and a brilliant cook. Nice score Katie!

    Katie and I spent most of the weekend laughing at Bruce and Dale trying to out-do each other and proving themselves to be the alpha male. Bruce goes out walking and comes back with a couple of trees.. Dale goes out the same way and comes back with a massive log and a lot of sweat. Hehe.

    Anyway, it was a totally relaxing weekend. Fantastic. I've really missed camping. More more more!

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