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     Friday, October 06, 2006

    And now, for a post that needs no introduction:
    (Thanks to Futurama for that lame post title)

    OMG Chess!

    Damien, Bruce and I went to see Chess The Musical at the Stirling Institute last night. Totally amateur, but totally cool.

    The orchestra had obvious issues with tricky timing and the strings made Damien cry (and not in a good way).

    Some of the singers were fantastic. In fact, all of the principal cast were brilliant. "I Know Him So Well" was GORGEOUS and The Russian's bass notes were meltworthy. The arbiter was a girl (Yes! A Girl!) who ROCKED. She had some serious power about her. "Pity the child" was done with magic which made me shiver. There was also a moment (I think it was "The argument") where I suddenly realised what a huge range those guys were expected to sing within. Yikes. High boy stuff!

    The funniest moment of the whole thing was when the Russians were singing. A couple of guys from the chorus were sitting on chairs with their arms crossed and sticking their legs out in a half arsed attempt at Cossack dancing. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair.. but no-one else seemed to find it funny. *shrug* Their loss :)

    We ran into Rachel Sag and Danny Sag who were a bit freaked to see all of us. Especially Danny, who knows Bruce and I separately.

    And we saw Jason Groves (Not together - that would be too weird) who I noted was completely failing to be in the production.

    Chess Chess Chess!!!

    And when we got home.. Damien and Bruce ran straight to the games shelf to get out a game of... Cathedral. WTF?

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