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     Monday, August 07, 2006

    LONG weekend

    Well, the weekend went pretty well. Tiring, but good.

    On Saturday I finished my Rider Safe Stage 1 - which means that as soon
    as I pay a bit more money I have my L's for motorbike. Yay!

    I was going to move some stuff Saturday afternoon, but I just could not
    be bothered. So Bruce, James and I watched "Love Actually" instead. Then
    we went out to Boho for dinner and drinks with Mark, Tanya, Rachael,
    Damien and Ben. Nice night, but we were stuffed and went home pretty
    early. Slackers!

    On Sunday Bruce and I woke up super early and watched Invader Zim in bed
    for a while. Yay! Cartoons in bed in the morning!! We spent the rest of
    the day quoting Grr. "Oh. My bees", "Makes room for the cupcake!", "I'm
    making the cake!" "I'm going to sing the doom song now: Doom doomy doom
    dee doom" :)

    Then we went for breakfast on the balcony on the Scenic Hotel before
    heading off to do lots of moving. Most of my stuff is now moved into
    Matt's house.. Just a bit to go. That and I have to find my cat. She was
    last seen hiding in the fireplace. Damn!

    Our night finished with cheap chinese and beer followed by a big *splat*
    quite early.

    Posted at 1:27 AM #

    Pfft. Motors :P
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