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     Thursday, August 03, 2006

    And a bit more change..

    So, I'm moving to Matt's house in the city now! I got my keys today and
    I'll be moving stuff over the next week.

    I'm excited but I'm so sick of moving. I get tired just thinking about
    it. Good thing I've been culling my stuff with every move. :)

    And on another cool note: I'm learning how to ride a motorbike. I had
    the first part of ridersafe on Saturday and this Saturday I'll do the
    second part (of getting my L's). Hopefully, I will suck just a little
    less than last week and will be allowed to ride on the road after that.

    Also, I had a scary bit of inspiration the other day and decided I
    should do the city to bay fun run I've
    never done it before and I'm sure I will go through hell working out how
    to run that far. But whatever. Got to try these things.

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