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     Thursday, July 20, 2006

    A week of updatingness
    Hi all. Sorry I've been a little over the top with the linky linky lately. At least most of them are interesting. Well, they're useful. Or something.

    Anyway, I fixed up a few layout issues that were bugging me and changed a few things. You probably won't even notice. Probably because you're all reading this as an rss feed. Most of you probably through lj. I'll tell you something for free: It's prettier when you click the link at the top of the post and actually look at my site. You find out all sorts of interesting stuff about me. Well, you would if I were interesting. I aspire to interestingness, is that not enough? You demanding schmucks. ;P

    Okay, well to tell you the truth, the reason I never write anything interesting here is that I'm always either at work or out doing something fun. I've been to so many live performances in the last two months that I've lost count. Thankfully, I'm also an anal retentive and I've collected all my tickets ready to blog and write quick reviews about the lot of them. Hopefully I'll get around to starting this mammoth task this evening - after the small business seminar and work *sigh*.

    What this means for you lot is that you will finally have some idea what I've been up to. That, and for those who read via rss feed you will be spammed to all hell with reviews. Sorry! Actually it's probably better for you to be spammed and get to read the reviews. People who properly visit my site will have to manually take a browse through the past few months. This is because I back date review and photo posts to when they actually happenned.

    Oh god. I've bored you all with the details again. (So easy when I am bored myself - sorry!)

    Right. Change of topic: What have I done in the past week? Um, let's see. Ah. That would involve knowing what day it is today, for starters. Got it. Good.

    Thursday 13th July - Worky work. Oh god. I can't remember. Shitty Start. Ah, that's it. Corinthians did a church service at St John's Halifax. It was a high Anglican service which kind of freaked me out a bit. I know they try to give a comprehensive order of service but I always get caught out with everyone knowing what to say next while I'm still standing there looking like an idiot. Whoops. Well, the stuff we sang was very pretty and we had Alan McKie taking us for the service. We sounded pretty cool. All was good. Oh, but the incense just about choked us to death. I felt very sorry for the asthmatic soprano soloist who had to sing a top A while wheezing. Ugh. Well, then I met up with Bruce who had anticipated my needs and bought me Wok's Happenning for dinner. Yum! The we trundled off to see Jingo. Suffice it to say, we found better things to do than watch Jingo. ;)

    Friday 14th July - Worky work. Er. This is hard. Ah. Howl's Moving Castle and Shinobi at the Mercury. Again I shouldn't spoil the review I will do later. But I have to say Howl's moving castle was the better of the two. And my dinner at Worldsend SUCKED. Worst curry ever. EVER I tell you!

    Saturday 15th July - Woke up for a full hour in the early morning. Whinged about being awake. Went back to bed until 6pm (much better!). I needed that. Then bolted into town and had dinner at The Store with Bruce. Yumm. Met Nat briefly at La Boheme for a few martinis before crawling back to Bruce's for more sleep. Mmm. Sleep.

    Sunday 16th July - If I recall correctly, I think I went into town for breakfast at ETC by myself and then some serious shopping. I think. Or that might have been the week before. Actually, I think I did the shopping bit the week before and not the breakfast. Or maybe I went home and did washing. God, I can't remember. No, that was it. I went home and did washing and computery stuff. (Oh my brain!) Then brunch with Bruce and James followed by Zephyr at the Greenaway Gallery. Awesome show. Details of show later. Promise. Then Bruce and I were going to watch movies but I crashed out. Can you believe it? I still needed more sleep. Sheesh.

    Monday 17th July - Worky work. Then Waiting for Godot! Yay. Details later. Honest. (This is getting repetitive)

    Tuesday 18th July - Worky work. Then dinner at Jayne and Tony's house with Bruce, Mum, Andrew and Nana.

    Wednesday 19th July - Worky work. Best chicken burger ever (at King's Head). Pity they took most of my lunch break to get it to me. Bah. Had a couple of drinks with Tanya after work and then Bruce made me dinner and we watched TV on his computer in his room (This is a novelty cause he only just set it up).

    Thursday 20th July - Today. At work. Not surprising. I scooted in today and to avoid peak hour traffic I came in a little early.. which was just enough time to get breakfast at Cibo before I started. That was a good start to the day. Bruce is heading up to Riverton tonight and I'm doing a seminar.. then it's all blog blog blog. Hopefully. If Bruce gets the scanned tickets to me. It's shocking that I have to rely on him to scan things for me. I have a scanner. It just doesn't work most of the time. It will occasionally work for half an hour and then shit itself again. Grr. I've had "Punch scanner repeatedly" in my to-do list for ages but to no avail. Just doesn't work. :(

    Right. Well, since I've got to the end of my week I had an inkling to attempt to see how far I can recall backwards. But, you know what? I won't. Sorry. Can't be bothered. Most of it is "Worked" and "Went to see something fun that I'll tell you about later". So, I'll just tell you about it later, huh?

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