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     Monday, June 19, 2006

    Sydney for Vanessa's wedding!
    Wow. My weekend in Sydney was awesome!

    Bruce and I jumped on a plane not long after I left work on Friday. We got picked up from the airport by Aunty Rhonda and Uncle Peter and driven a million miles away to their house. It was pretty late when we got there, so we had a few glasses of wine and chatted to the rellies for a bit before going splat.

    Saturday was the wedding. The family of the bride were the people we were staying with, so there was a lot of stress and worry. The wedding was at a local church. This was about the point where we noticed exactly how many people the other side of the family had coming. Out of the 250 people at the wedding there were 20 from Vanessa's mum's side (ie my lot), 30 people were from Vanessa's dad's side and all the rest were friends or Anthony's family. Wow. Huge family.

    There was a fair bit of time before the reception.. which was handy since we all had to get to Woollongong. These Sydney people don't mind a lot of driving, do they? Sheesh. Anyway, the reception was gorgeous. The view out over the beach was pretty awesome. The sun set as we had pre dinner drinks.. and then the party started. Dinner was pretty good, the drinks were plentiful, the bride looked gorgeous (that's her job) and the speeches were suitably silly. This was also possibly the most formal wedding I've ever been to. Scary!

    And after we'd eaten and drunk a suitable amount the dancing started. I ended up dancing for a while with some of my younger cousins (who completely wore me out - oh my god I am old!). Bruce and I were chatting to all of my cousin's friends and getting silly. Then the place kicked us out and we went back to Aunty Rhonda's. Well, we did after we got the mini bus started. :)

    Sunday was set aside for sight seeing. Bruce had a bit of a hangover, so we started late-ish. We went into town and walked around the base of the harbour bridge, went to some markets in the rocks and had a counter meal at some pub. Then we had gelati and caught the ferry over to Manly. We wandered about there through markets and a mall and stuff until we came to a surfing beach and stopped for coffee at a really funky cafe.. and then bolted back to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay so we wouldn't miss our plane.

    Handily enough, Mum and Andrew were on the same plane back from Sydney so we scored a lift back to Bruce's at the end of it all.

    Bloody huge weekend. :)

    Posted at 1:25 AM #

    Just want to say "Thanks" for coming and glad you had a great time. Luv Aunty Rhonda
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