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     Friday, June 23, 2006

    Soccer Anyone?
    So, I was sitting on the bus being tired and grumpy along with the general mood of the bus (well, it was 7am you know) and these guys jump on the bus. One of tham is wearing an Australian flag as a cape and they're all screaming "Go Aussie!" "Yeah!" etc etc. The whole bus just looked at them blankly and then packed up laughing. Ah cool. Forgot about the soccer. We must have won. Yay, or something. These guys kept trying to get the bus cheering and stuff and everyone had gone back to being grumpy. Then they're like "That's okay guys. I mean I'd be depressed too if I had to go to work!". Yeah, thanks. That makes me feel better. Assholes!

    Then we get closer to town and we hear beeping and people yelling and cheering all over the place. It was surreal. Kind of cool. I love it when Adelaide goes mental. It's weird! Then we got to Rundle Street/Mall and saw a bloody parade of people coming up Rundle Street and heading for the mall. Oh my God! A 7:30am Street Party! Fucking Excellent!

    Posted at 1:36 AM #

    2 all draw. I didn't stay up, but I found out the results at 6:30 this morning :)
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