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     Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Warm Day!!

    This morning I finished a game of scrabble with Damien and won by a
    smidgeon. Then I rode into town really fast and got a handful of
    exercise. Now I am stuck inside while it's really nice and warm out. You
    know in summer when in the morning you can feel that it's going to be a
    warm day? Well, that's today. It was over 20 degrees by 7:30am

    Want. To. Be. Outside.

    Last night I watched the Crucible with Damien, done by the Burnside
    Players. I was revoltingly tired and kept nodding off, which was very
    embarrassing. The stars of the show were the actors who played the
    Procters and the guy who played the second minister. The latter I swear
    I saw playing Carrot once in a Discworld play. Anyway, the show was let
    down by the judge (who kept forgetting his lines) and somewhat by
    Abigail. Abigail was good, but needed to be far better. She just wasn't
    that convincing. Maybe it was just that performance, because she
    certainly got great reviews from other shows. Or maybe it was just me
    expecting different things from my interpretation of the text. I saw
    Abigail as more consistently hysterical, whereas this girl was more
    choppy about it. I guess that's a valid way to act it. Really, she was
    good. She just didn't make my blood run cold.

    Posted at 1:22 AM #

    Wow, must be something in the water - on Friday night we went to see this:
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