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     Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Strange Apology
    Okay, this post will have to start with a little background. When I began at Satisfac I got access to the bike lockup area as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once in the lockup I notice that most of the places to lock my bike to were pretty useless. They've made it very hard to lock both your wheels and the frame to anything. NOT designed by a bike rider. Anyway, the first two days I put my bike in there I came back at the end of the day to find another person's bike ON TOP of my bike. Like further up the same pole my bike was locked to. I could understand the desire to lock a decent bike to the only solid pole in the place, so I wasn't too surprised. I just nosed about until I worked out how to get my bike out from under another locked bike. It sorted itself out anyway.

    On an afternoon where Bruce had decided he was going to rescue me from the fate of riding up the hill for the third day in a row I had unlocked my bike and was waiting outside the bike lockup with it. The guy that owned the precious bike and I finally met and had a bitch about the badly designed bike lockup etc etc. I said I wasn't really fussed if he wanted to keep doing that as long as neither of us cared much about scratches or whatever. Whatever. It wasn't unpleasant. It was actually sort of funny.

    Either way, the next time I locked my bike up was when I got paid and had the payday party.. and I forgot to pick up the bike after that. Friday I also had some reason not to ride home. But then I was sick for a week.. so the bike has stayed in the lockup for a week and a half without moving. But this time I had locked it to a different spot, attempting to see if I could make a different way work for me.

    And now on to the point: I got back to my bike this evening to find a cute note in my helmet. The guy who had parked his bike on top of mine had decided to apologise for his appallingly childish behaviour (his words!) and to hereby welcome me to the bike lockup. It was kind of cute, but a lot of effort to go to in order to appease a guilty conscience.

    Methinks it's because I'm a girl. :P

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