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     Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    More on my weekend

    I basically had a pretty lazy weekend. After the excitement of the
    gallery, Grange and Tanya's on Friday we had a huge sleep in on
    Saturday. I went to the Scenic for breakfast and then went shopping at
    the Tranmere Indian and Asian grocers. Yum. I then made the mistake of
    "dropping in" to Firle to grab some shampoo. Bloody hell that place was
    a zoo. Yuck. I ran screaming.

    So, Saturday evening we went to James Cowling's place for a party. It
    was a fairly quiet one, which meant we got to chat with the guy who
    played Baterz in "Wanted" (the tribute play). That was cool. Much Baterz
    was sung. That and it looks like Bruce and James will get their shit
    together and Bruce will move in shortly. Yay!

    Sunday was more vegging. We were going to go on a walk up Mt Lofty, but
    after all the sleeping in we were only left with about 2 hours of
    daylight left. We quickly ran off for a walk up to Ashton at least. Yay!

    Sunday evening we saw "V for Vendetta" with Damien at Norwood. Damien
    and I really liked it, but Bruce was all let down because it wasn't as
    cool as the comics. It looks like we did ourselves a favour by not
    reading them first :)

    Monday was the most vegging ever. We did veg much. Seriously, we did
    nothing. *sigh*

    What a great weekend!

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